Alan Gaywood – R.I.P.


Tony May… I’m devastated to announce that news has reached me today of the sudden death of my friend of 33 years standing, Alan Gaywood. I have seen Alan once a week virtually every week in that time and he has stuck by me no matter what foolish things I have said or done.How someone like me has ever deserved such a good friend I don’t know and I am not quite sure at the moment how I am going to cope with his loss. When ‘excitingness’ ( as far as Womanising, Drinking, Gambling, Rebel- Rousing, Hell Raising nights out etc go) was being given out poor old Al was at the rear of the queue but as a friend you could rely upon him through thick, thin, in sickness, in health or in times of trouble – it was the safest bet in the world that Alan would be there by your side to help in any way he could… THANKS FOR EVERYTHING old pal – I’m going to miss you more than even I can say…

Alan Esdaile… Very shocked. I knew Alan for many years and very sad to hear the news. Lots of people will remember him from when he ran Mr Merchandise in various shops in the old town.  R.I.P. Alan.

Matt Thomas… Masons customer for many years as well.

Tony May… Thankfully, after some sleuthing on the Internet, I have now managed to track down Alan’s sister and have broken the sad news to her. The Police had not been able to find contact details for her and I did not have any either. At least now I can rest knowing that I have done my best for Alan one last time…

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