Radio Caroline – who remembers this ship and radio station?


source: Euan Walker – Growing up in U.K. in the 50’s/60’s

Thanks to Barry Newton for finding this.

Gary Sykes… Yeah, used to listen to Caroline on a small transistor radio in my bedroom living in Ramsgate.

Ernest Ballard… Great radio station from my youth x

Martyn Baker… “Loving Awareness” (not completely sure what is was, but it sounded good – and could be used as a chat up line!) was the theme to my Hastings summer c.1976. Klaatu featured heavily on Caroline that summer.

Nigel Goodman… Ex grimsby trawler the Ross Revenge.

Joe Knight… NOW 65 HA!!ha!!

Mick O’Dowd… Those were the days my friends!

Josie Lawson… I do. My dad bought me His Masters Voice transistor radio from a shop along the seafront near London Road called Attwells. From then I loved listening to Radio Caroline…

Philip John… Back in the day I joined a group set up by Ronan O’Rahilly called ‘Broadside Free Radio’ in support of Radio Caroline and we walked from Edinburgh to London. Stopping off at various places along the way for public meeting and to get our petition signed in support of the Pirate stations, finally delivering it to Buckingham Palace to hopefully be viewed by her Majesty. Didn’t change a thing.

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