SMART 30 coffee meet report.

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Unfortunately we couldn’t use the Seafront Room as normal and were moved to the conference room upstairs. I did put up a sign but was not ideal and spent a lot of the time running up and down the stairs to ferry people to the correct room. Apologise to anyone who turned up and could not find us.

Among the newbies this time were Alan Oliver and Tom (Paul) Thomas.  Alan was talking about his successful Facebook page “How can we make Hastings Pier a great tourist attraction?”  Lots of ideas were discussed.  While Anita & Ray Medhurst were discussing the opening day on the pier. Tom (or should I call him Paul I’m still never sure) Thomas was happy reminiscing with Mick O’Dowd about the Teenbeats gigs that Mick promoted, also Paul had a few interesting memories of working with Samantha Fox. John McCallion was talking about bands he would like to see reform. Andre & Sarah were talking about the success of Carnival FM Radio and Chris Sambrook was going through some more unknown photos from the Eddie Hazell Collection and trying to find names, with the help of Phil & Ann Gill. Congratulations to their son Miles who is doing extremely well on tour with ROAM. Laurie  Cooksey was talking about Die Laughing and some interesting news, watch this space and I brought along a selection of old sheet music. Anything interesting that I missed in conversations, please feel free to add here.

Mick O’Dowd… It was interesting to see Paul Thomas of the Teenbeats and chat to him about the gigs they did for me.

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