Meditation 1 – Kim Carter

Kim Carter – A unique blend of classical piano, ambient synthesizers and effects, with rich melodies, harmony and meditative atmosphere.

A few people here know Kim, who is Heather Carter’s brother. Switch off the lights, close your eyes and relax.

Heather Carter… This is my brother Kims’ track and video on U-Tube, taken from his house and made from his Studio in Wales. Please take a few minutes to relax and listen to the beautiful, gentle music lasting for just 10 minutes. If you enjoy it perhaps you could ‘like’ or maybe comment….
Love to you all. Hezz (Heather) xx

A Minute Passed & Prospect Place – 1982


supplied by Roger Carey

Mark Thirsk drums, Tony Qunta guitar & vocals, Roger Carey bass & vocals.

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cutting supplied by Tony Qunta, photo supplied by Roger Carey

Roger Carey… (second photo) in London. A Minute Passed were a jazz rock group formed by Tony & Roger and Head On drummer Mark. Band ran from late 1980-1982

Phil Gill….Mark Thirsk, bless him. Proper nice guy.

Peter James Shaw….Mark Thirsk nice guy and a good cool player…I liked his style!!!

Andy Qunta….Great band, great musicians, great guys! A Minute Passed were frighteningly good! Unbelievable musicians, all of them!

Steve Kinch….Wot they said. All thoroughly nice geezers! Mark was a fabulous player.

Pete Prescott…yes a stunning player.

Carol Ann Bolton… (photo 2) You could wear that now and not notice it was from another decade, unlike the ’70s.

Phil Gill… (photo 2) Tone appears a trifle confused as to the tie/collar interface configuration.

Geoff Carter… Played with Mark in his first band up in Yorkshire before he moved down to London. Awesome guy. We all miss him.