Keeping it Reel (to Reel) with Pete Fisher

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supplied by Pete Fisher

Pete Fisher… keeping it reel (to reel)…new arrival, just rescued from a friend’s basement, cleaned it up and it seems to run fine… I was using tape in my home studio until about two years ago, when my 8-track started showing signs of age. Now I use a hard disk recorder. My bulging archive includes old reel to reel tapes going back to 1972, which I made copies of about 20 years ago using two tape decks and different speeds, as neither of them ran at the right speed. This one has 17/8 ips, which is what I recorded at back in the day, so the copy quality might now be better…several reels feature rehearsals and jams with Bernard Jeffery and Roger Carey in our bands Mae West and Pueblo, at various locations in Hastings…will keep you all posted!

Alan Esdaile… Anyone else still got a reel to reel?

Peter Millington… I still have 2, a Sony TV252w in perfect order. 3 speeds, 1 7/8, 3 1/2, and 7 1/2. My first was a Phillips in 1959, a great little machine and very portable. It had the capability of being able to accept a guitar or bass guitar into the amplifier section and a 3″ speaker, that was the first amplification of the Confederates in 1961/2. After that I had a larger Stella machine. I think you can understand why I don’t have many records LOL

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