RE: A PIER – Archie Lauchlan film documentary – Birch Rooms Hastings Pier – 8th Sept & 11th Sept 2016.


Peter Fairless… If you haven’t seen this fantastic film yet….

Free screening of Re: A Pier (film 96 minutes, with a 20 minute Q&A)

If you missed the World Premiere screening of Archie Lauchlan’s unique documentary then here is your chance to see it – free of charge!  Thu 08 Sep 2016, 6pm. Taking place in the Birch Room (in The Deck building). Space for 40 people and seats will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. An additional screening will take place on Sunday 11th September at 11am. Both screenings feature Q&A afterwards with Archie, the documentary’s director.

Mick O’Dowd… Well worth a look!

Alan Esdaile… Excellent, really enjoy it. The history of the changes on Hastings Pier over the years, from building to the groups that played it, also some wonderful clips of Hastings. Well done Archie, definitely deserves to be seen by a bigger audience.

Andre Martin… Just back from the Pier, having seen the film produced by Archie Lauchian about the History and story of Hastings Pier and its rejunivation after the Fire, excellent – if you have not seen and get the chance, you really should make the effort.Congratulations to Archie and crew on this historic record. Well reported Alan = great story.

Tony May… Is there any chance that it will be available to buy on DVD do you know? Any plans in that direction?

Mick O’Dowd… I’ve asked Archie about this before but there seems to be a problem of music licensing.

Peter Fairless… It’s more a problem of cost, Mick. I believe Archie quoted a figure of £50,000 to licence all the tracks and clips. It’s hard to see a film like this – even one as brilliant as RE: A Pier, making that back.

Andre Martin… Yes this one of the major problems that he was facing and his production assistant/resercher was just amazed how much the US owners of much of the music & audio wanted to charge.They just look at the whole project as a money making machine, which is a real shame, as it would been good to have this available for different showings over the coming months as the pier develops.

Peter Fairless… Perhaps, we need to start writing to TV companies

Andre Martin… I think this is one way, but today most projects are run by independent TV companies, whop again will in the main have very limited movements whedn it comes to paying copywright fees, but perhaps Archie might have some ideas, will ask.

Archie Lauchlan… Hi SMART – only a few are American, mostly British in fact, but they definitely do all have that one thing in common: squeezing every last penny out of their assets, or artistes as we call them. The only way forward is to hook the film up with a broadcaster (could include Netflix etc) in which case they’d be responsible for the licencing deals. To do that I need to get it into some film festivals for exposure to the right people, and that’s in hand. But I’m always open to anything I may be missing! Thanks for your support, one and all

Andre Martin… Thanks for the update, ok everybody this will be your challenge for 2017 – tinking caps on. …………

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