Sound Of The 60’s To Be Moved by Radio 2?


Alan Esdaile… No Don’t Move It.

Chris Giles… Agree don’t move it it…just get rid of the Sunday lunchtime prog playing songs from musicals and Paul Ogrady at 5 pm on Sunday ..I’m adding more …I would prefer radio 2 to play ..1950’s to present day …and the programmes I like the most are Johnny walker ..Steve Wright …chris Evans is ok I’m not up early enough to listen….Jeremy Vine is ok at lunchtime ..I like the folk music …but anything like sing something simple …is not actually that cool… I fact if they could make radio ….like our radio 1 was at the end of pirate radio then I think it would be much better…and aimed at the 50 60 and 70 year olds.

Andre Martin… What are they thinking ? SOTS is a national tradition for Saturday Morning, and is one of the best programmes on that Station. Leave alone and find something else to mess up, I can think of many,many programmes that should be re-directed to the waste bin, now where do I start…………………

Mick O’Dowd… Here here!

Unless, as I’ve always suspected, our ol’ mate Brian popped his clogs years ago.


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