The Happy Ballroom Hastings Pier & more 24th September 1966 by Andre Martin

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ad: Andre Palfrey-martin collection. The Herd photo: in 1968 Fontana / Mercury Records

Another month has come and almost gone, and we reach Saturday 24th September 1966,The Pier Ballroom has gone into snooze mode, with nothing advertised as being booked, although I have seen details of a “special” all-nighter to tie in with the 900th anniversary of The Battle of Hastings in October.
Friday nights start with Ready Steady Go, is another quieter night, featured this week – DDDBMT : Bend It, The Breakaways and The Walker Brothers ; Another Tear Falls. With Cathy & Keith keeping the show moving along.
Along at the St Leonards end, The Witch Doctor’s offering on Saturday live music from south London, The Herd featuring Peter Frampton. Tuesday was now Tamla & Soul, Wednesday Discs and the return on Thursdays of The Steve Maxted Show “the best night of the Week” and Friday simply titled – the Weekend Starts Here! We are all advised that “It is Changing – Watch this Space “
BBC Radio over the weekend was very similar to previous, The Light programme on Saturday included Saturday Club with Brian Matthew, presented Los Bravos, Paul & Barry Ryan, Robb Storm and The Whispers, Miki Dillon and The Magic Lanterns. Barry Aldis Swingtime Show. Later in the day it was time for Pop Over Europe, A Night at The Music Hall with Roy Castle, and Time For Old Time with Bob Potter and His Band. Sunday we had on offer Children’s Favourites, Mrs Mills, Easy Beat and Two Way Family Favourites [ London & Koln] Navy Lark, Mitchell Minstrels, Frankie Howard, Melody Hour, Pick of the Pops, Movie Go Round, Top of The Form, Sing Something Simple, Steptoe & Son and Star Variety. The evening ended with Jazz Scene.
Television again followed very much the same pattern, Saturday afternoon Sports Grandstand, Juke Box jury with David Jacobs and his guests – Lulu, Alma Cogan, Jimmy Henney and Reg Varney. After the News, Dr Who, The Munsters, Dick Van Dyke Show, Till Death do us Part, The Trouble Shooters, Match of the Day and Robin Day with Highlights of the Liberal Party Assembly. The high lights of BBC2 were live from the Liberal Party Assembly. On Sunday the Western was The Loner staring Lloyd Bridges, The National Youth Theatre and World Gymnastics, later the Billy Cotton Music Hall with Petula Clark and Peter & Gordon. BBC 2 featured Gaelic Football and Opera 625.
Over on the Pirates, this week’s top five were ; Radio London – Big L 266 with Ed Stewart – DDDBMT : Bend It, Seekers : Walk with Me, The Who : I’m a Boy, New Vaudeville Band : Winchester Cathedral, Bobby Hepp/Georgie Fame : Sunny. Radio Caroline South with Dave Lee Travis, The Who: I’m a Boy, Sonny & Cher : Little Man, Supremes : You Can’t Hurry Love, DDDBMT : Bend It, Jim Reeves : Distant Drums.  All in all a fairly quiet week, from what I can remember that far back, the weather good after the early morning mists had gone, and we were blessed with some Autumn Sunshine, however the evenings were drawing in. Schools and colleges back and the number of foreign students drastically reduced. Until next week keep smiling and the world will smile with you.  Andre Palfrey-Martin © 2016

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