Expedient Marching Band – Min, Jim & Derek


supplied by Jeannette Wilde via Hastings groups from 1958 to the present.

Expedient Marching Band with Min, Jim Pierce & Derek Sinden.

Philip Meston…..Remember them well, haven’t seen them for a while!

Yvonne Cleland….Doesn’t Min look fine!  Bless him. x

Geoff Peckham…..I wonder when this was taken. Min took me to some of the Bonfire Boys processions (Mayfield, Crowborough etc) around 1970. I walked alongside them carrying our refreshment – flagons of Bob Luck cider. Great fun!

John Wilde…..What a great photo. A copy of which I have on my studio wall. The very Min in his finery and the great Derek Sinden both no longer with us, now kicking up a storm on the other side

Phil Thornton….a great Min shot ! hope he is jamming with Mooney and Jimi right now

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