What’s your favourite Cliff Richard record?


1973 source: Allan Warren https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Allan_Warren

Josie Lawson… Summer Holiday when I was 16 years old.”

Peter Fairless… …with The Shadows, ‘In The Country’, it was constantly on the radio when I was in the children’s ward at the RESH in ’66

Leigh Wieland-Boys… The first record I bought (we were living in Malta at the time so had to pay a bit extra!) ‘Wind me up, let me go’ 1965/66, still a Cliff fan. …and I liked ‘We don’t talk anymore’

Alan Esdaile… One of my favourites is “Miss You Nights”.

Nita Jorge… Mine too

Jan Warren… I don’t like Cliff Richard but I think his best songs are “Move it” and “Devil Woman”!!

Stephen Kolimbarides… No

Andy Qunta… I love Cliff Richard & The Shadows! They inspired me to want to be a musician. The first LP (album) my brother, Tony and I had was Summer Holiday. Took a bit of work talking Dad round to splashing out the cash, but he understood it was important to us. I still think it sounds good!

Tony Qunta… The Young Ones, The Next Time etc. etc. etc. !

Nigel Ford… “On the beach”, with the Shads.The Shadows on their own were my favourite until the Stones came along. Summer Holiday was probably the first cinema film that Mother took me to when about 7 (?) and may have been supported by another film with Heinz in.

Steve Sampson… Move It

Patricia Burgess… Unchained Melody and Blue Moon, both on his “Listen to Cliff” LP still have it.

Dave Nattress… I hope he doesn’t mind me saying this, but many years back now, unless I’m mistaken, in one of the bands Pete Prescott was with, he used to do a cracking version of “We don’t talk any more”. Wonderful record also.