Free – All Right Now – Great Band, Great Track, Great Video.

Andy Qunta… Fabulous!

Eric Harmer… What a great song and band.

Dennis Torrance… Good to see Bad Company going back on the road again

Jan Warren… Oh Free!! – one of my all-time favourite bands, brilliant!!

Pete Prescott… My favourite band. This song will be played at my funeral. I saw them in September 72 with Martin holiday at Fairfield hall Croydon. What a band !

Eric Harmer…  I love ” my brother jake” as well, two great vocal performances Pete

Jan Warren… Yeah Pete, I saw them at Fairfield Hall, Croydon, can’t remember the exact date but it was the very early 70s!!

Pete Prescott… I have a fantastic book on free with every date they did. It’s signed by the author plus Rabbit and David Kossoff (Paul’s father )

Robert Searle… Real thing

Andy Qunta… I saw Free in 1969 at the Toby Jug pub in Tolworth, near Epsom, Surrey, where Tone & I were at boarding school. Had to sneak out of school in school uniform, and change into jeans in the car park under the bowling alley next to the pub! Anyway, it was well worth it, as of course Free were brilliant! In 2007 I saw Paul Rodgers at a gig in Hollywood, and got to meet him after the show and chat a bit. I told him the story of seeing Free at the pub in ’69. The guitar player from his band, Howard Leese, overheard the conversation and said to me, with wild-eyed wonder “Wow! You saw Free play live! Wow!”


supplied by Andy Qunta

Pete Prescott… Wow ! What a story ! After seeing Free I saw Bad Company on their first tour and at Charlton. Then I saw the third tour and the last one in 79. I’ve seen him solo a few times and I’m seeing Bad Co this Saturday at the 02 ! I worked with one of his ex band members who told a few stories (can’t tell them in fb) amazing singer. I wish I had seen free with you and Tony.

Andy Qunta… Yes, wish you’d been there, Pete! It was before All Right Now, it was just after their 2nd album came out. Have fun seeing Bad Co at the O2! Seen them a few times too, including a few months ago, and they’re always brilliant! Of course I’m in a Bad Co/Free tribute band now! Fun stuff to play, & pretend like it’s the real thing!

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