The Dave Clark Five and Beyond: Glad All Over.



Caz Simpson… Loving Dave Clark Five!

Matt Thomas… Watching it now but i didnt realise just how big they were in America !!!!!!!

Will Cornell… They were big, but having lived thru it and being American, I’d say (after the Beatles and Stones of course) memories are bigger on the Animals and Herman’s Hermits as far as being ubiquitous on the radio, record sales, etc. It did not help that Clark kept his catalog out of print so many years later while the others (including the Kinks who didn’t tour here early on) were consistent sellers in back catalog.

Eric Cawthraw… I wasn’t going to watch this – glad that I did. I’d forgotten just how influential they were. Dave Clark is a very clever astute guy – pity only 2 of them left in bodily form! I thoroughly enjoyed the programme, much to my surprise. Just shows my level of ignorance…. again!

Mick O’Dowd… Why did they never play The Pier. They were the sort of act that would have drawn. Just think I may have answered my own question. They would have demolished it with Glad All Over & Bits & Pieces. Either that or it would have sunk!

Peter Fairless… Perhaps they didn’t like coming ‘sarf’ of the river?

Pauline Sims… That was a fascinating programme.

Will Cornell… Clark is kind of like those stories you hear of other music luminaries…Sam Phillips for example. Everyone rightly remembers him for Sun Records….but he made his fortune as an initial investor in Holiday Inns. Once the “British Invasion” era in ’64-65 was over, Clark must have learned a lesson from Dick Clark and made his fortune behind the scenes……

Barry Newton… I  seem to remember the DC5 staying in the George hotel in Rye many moons ago while making a promo film.

Jim Hobbs… Good if overlong documentary of DC5’s history. I thought I spotted a few Spinal Tap moments which was a bit surreal.

Pete Fisher… following a recent discussion here about the Dave Clark Five, I thought a few people might find this interesting. As a young kid in the 60s he loomed large for me as someone who put the drums up front, visually and production-wise, and was a big reason I wanted to play drums before I chose guitar,,,I’ve only got round to playing drums seriously in the last few years…one of the interesting things about the huge sound the band had was that Dave owned the master tapes and the rights to the recordings, which meant they could break the rules of recording imposed on most bands back then, and push the VU meters into the red. They also didn’t have unlimited studio time, like the Beatles for instance, so they had to get tracks down after a couple ,of takes, which gives the music that live feel and freshness. Above is  the documentary written and produced by Dave in 2014.. just watched the documentary, and it’s excellent – recommended viewing!!

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