Rick Parfitt from Status Quo dies


In Sweden 2007. photo by: Håkan Henriksson (Narking)


Allyson Breeds… 2016 has been officially crap 🙁

Chris Giles… Oh no that’s terribly sad …..

Nick Prince… Great shame. I admired him and Quo greatly. Clearly there was more to the announcement that they would no longer tour after 2016. RIP Rick Parfitt of Status Quo. (12 October 1948- 24 December 2016). Status Quo played Hastings Pier, Hastings Beer Festival and in addition to that, the underwater scenes for their 2013 film “Bula Quo” and video to the title song “Bula Bula Quo” were filmed at the Bluereef Aquarium in Hastings

Chris Giles… Yes there probably was Nick….. He was a big part of my Hastings pier years and obviously being a bit of a biker ….I always danced to quo …used to go to Brighton and see them as well… Hating 2016

Alan Esdaile… Terrible news.

Andy Ives… Rest peacefully

Ernest Ballard… He was ill but it wasn’t expected

Patricia Wapshott… Terrible news , really liked him .

Phil Thornton… RIP Rick !

Chris van Rock… Sad

Claire Davis… Remember them at the beer festival, good evening

Jan Warren… Oh god, another one gone ……………. 🙁 R.I.P. Rick 

Dennis Torrance… Lost so many this year my thoughts with Ricks family at this sad time.

Jon McCallion… Devastating news

Barry French… Just feel awful, another great taken from us. R.I.P. Rick.

Steve Reents… One of my favorite bands. Rest in peace my friend.

Francis Rossi – Status Quo Facebook Page… I was not ready for this. Rick Parfitt had been a part of my story for fifty years. Without doubt the longest relationship of my life: this was also the most satisfying, frustrating, creative and fluid. From those early days, we worked together to create the Quo sound, look and hits. We spent years on the road, on the stage and in the studio, rarely far from each other, honing what we did.

We were a team, a double act, a partnership and yet also two very different people, handling the pressures of growing older, constant touring, dealing with success and keeping the creative flame burning in different ways. He developed his own sound, his own style, casually inspiring a generation of players.

Rick was the archetypal rock star, one of the originals, he never lost his joy, his mischievous edge and his penchant for living life at high speed, high volume, high risk. His life was never boring, he was louder and faster and more carefree than the rest of us. There were any number of incidents along the way, times when he strayed into areas of true danger and yet still losing him now is still a shock. Even in a year that has claimed so many of our best, including now George Michael, Rick Parfitt stands out. I was not ready for this.



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