Hastings Town Magazine – February 2017


In this February 2017 issue, Tony May has his latest ‘Letters From Keith’ feature, with Keith talking about his chats with Leonard Cohen, Melanie, Mary Millington and Kate Bush. Also Tony’s write up on Charlie Hutchinson and the memories of  the album Hutch Hutchings Feels Like Rain. Many comments from people in SMART.  Lots more interesting features and now available from your local newsagent.

Jan Warren… I hope I can get this in Bexhill, I would love to read Tony’s article about Hutch Hutchinson!! 🙂

Dennis Torrance… The old building on where the entrance to Morrisons is now remember waiting there to get bus to school

Martin Stringer… Can I get it in Ireland?

Tony May… For those of you wanting to know where you can pick up a copy of the magazine the best thing you can do is contact the Editor, Jim Hollands via Jim@ryesown.co.uk. It is possible to take out a subscription and have the magazine sent to you electronically wherever you are. Ask Jim for more details…


The Lost Boys gig poster and Christmas Charity Rock Night 1994

lost boys gig poster lost boys 1994

supplied by Pete Prescott

Ernest Ballard… I think who mucked the funky was John Cheese’s band from Bexhill.

Alan Esdaile… I think they did Pink Floyd covers, Ernest?

Ernest Ballard… I remember them doing Comfortably Numb yes

Pete Prescott… Good gig as I remember.

W.A.S.P. – White Rock Theatre Hastings – 12th Oct 2017


2017 marks the 25th anniversary of ‘The Crimson Idol’ – a classic that stands the test of that quarter-century, and was heralded at the time by both critics and fans alike.
Bringing the album up to date, Blackie Lawless and co will release a new re-recorded version alongside a 50 minute DVD film of the entire story. This will be the latest entry into the W.A.S.P catalogue since their new album ‘Golgotha’ in late 2016, which saw the band “retain a level of credibility that precious few of their metal peers ever even aspired to, let alone achieved”, according to Classic Rock.
W.A.S.P will perform ‘The Crimson Idol’ in full – accompanied by the film – followed by a second set of hits; the production and performance will be as powerful as fans have come to expect.

more info… https://whiterocktheatre.org.uk/Online/

Wendy Weaver… We will be there ☠☠

Nigel Ford… Us too, …WOW what a surprise booking!!

Oakfest Music Festival – near Rye Sat 17th June 2017

oak fest

Natasha Kaschevsky… OAKFEST 2017 to be held on Saturday 17th JUNE, is a one day Beer & Music Festival on the outskirts of RYE – East Sussex and this year will be held in aid of the RNLI RYE HARBOUR LIFEBOAT. ENTRY on the Gate is £5 ADULTS [16 YEARS & UPWARDS] – £1 CHILD.

more details…. http://oakfestrye.wixsite.com/musicfestival

If you would like to get involved with this year’s Oakfest Music Festival in Rye and are a business who would like some extra promotion, why not consider some of the very generous Sponsorship Packages that are currently available on our Festival Website. Starting from as little as £60 – to Main Festival Sponsorship of £1000, there is a package to suit everyone! Full details of what you will receive in return are at the link below, plus contact details if you would like to join us!  http://oakfestrye.wixsite.com/musicfestival/sponsors

SMART SOUNDS by Colin Bell reviewing Magnetic Waves Of Sound – The Best Of The Move 2CD/DVD set.


You may think right away do we need another Move best of compilation when there are many already. Answer, Yes! I have many Move recordings and they have been served badly over the years, poor sound quality, missing tracks, bad liner notes etc etc. Esoteric Records have addressed all the aforementioned and this new package is just excellent.
2 discs, the first being audio with 21 tracks in chronological order from debut Deram single ‘Night of Fear’ right thru to ‘Do Ya’ (with Jeff Lynne and later reworked for ELO). ‘I Can Hear the Grass Grow’ ‘Flowers in the Rain’ ‘Fire Brigade’ ‘ Blackberry Way’ (a No.1) the often overlooked ‘Wild Tiger Woman’, all classic pop/rock/psyche tracks. Moving on, no pun intended! to the heavier sounds of ‘Brontosaurus’ and ‘When Alice Comes Back To the Farm’ and wrapping up with lighter Wood whimsys ‘Tonight’ and Chinatown’. Roy Woods songwriting leaps out the speakers with new clarity. The remastering on ‘Here We Go Round the Lemon Tree’ and ‘Walk  Upon The Water’ revealing new subtle orchestration. A first class result all round. And then disc 2 is a REAL bonus. For the first time on DVD 21 tracks of the band performing, some live, some lip synched on TV. There’s great clips from ‘Colour Me Pop’ ‘Top of the Pops’ and the German equivalents of ‘Beat Club’ and ‘Beat Beat Beat’. Bless the Germans for preserving (in great quality for the time) early live performances of the ‘classic’ line up of Roy, Carl, Bev, Trevor and Ace. Its a great wallow in nostalgia for those of us of a certain age! and a testament to one of the best bands of the Sixties. The fold out digipack is beautifully presented with extensive liner notes and even a fold out mini poster. So there you have it, if you’re after a Move hits and more compilation, look no further this is definitive.

For more information go to https://www.cherryred.co.uk    Til next time, stay warm……  Colincolin-head-111x150-111x150

Reel to Reel Heaven


Thanks to Pete Fisher for this. photo source: High End Audio For The Passionates Facebook https://www.facebook.com/odechelette/photos/a.294841930718751.1073741832.266187900250821/640008739535400/?type=3&theater

Pete Fisher… Awwww !!! I’m dying !!!!!!

Harry Randall… Wow nice!

Robert Searle… Lovely stuff

Pete Fisher… you’re welcome! In my early teens in Hastings my Dad had a small Philips (I think) reel to reel, and made mixtapes of his faves…Joan Baez, Buffy St Marie etc…I “borrowed” it when I noticed he wasn’t using it much, and never gave it back…that was when I had been playing guitar for a couple of years, and that was the machine I recorded the Mae West/Pueblo rehearsals on! I progressed to an Akai stereo machine in the mid 80s, a Teac 4-track around 1991, and then my Tascam 8-track 1/2 inch in 1998. That gave up the ghost a couple of years ago, and I’m using a 16-track hard disk recorder now. I still have all of them except my Dad’s. I dream of having the budget to restore my old tape machines!


supplied by Pete Fisher

Chris Jolly… Santa’s grotto!

Dave Nattress… Actually a reely great photo!

Harry Randall… Sounds like you’ve got it taped! But seriously I must sort mine out I’ve got two akai 4000DS and DB two TEAC A3340’s and a Fostex 16 track I must give em a clean up and flash them up!

Dave Nattress… Yeah I know, but in all seriousness it is a great photo, especially as its such a long time since many of us of the older generation used/had/saw reel to reel tape recorders. I had a Phillips machine back in about 1970. I think it had what was called a 5 pin din (troubling the memory now) connection for the mic and as an output to the amp and speakers. Stereo recording I guess but like I say I’m troubling the memory. First cassette deck (recorder) followed. I actually cannot remember the make – bought it from Lasky’s in Tottenham Court Road. Lasky’s was a big player in Hi-Fi sales back then. It enabled me to make cassette recordings of LP’s for the crude first generation car cassette player in the old Ford Angle-box.

Pete Fisher… check out the Vintage Open Reel Tape Decks page/group on Facebook. Loads of expertise on hand on how to look after/restore old machines, nice people mostly, real (reel!) enthusiasts who are happy to help!

Live At The George – George Street Hastings 1991

live at george

supplied by Pete Prescott

Pete Prescott & Rick Pentecost, Kenny Craddock & Trevor Lewis, Jack Pound, The Turpin Brothers.

Pete Prescott… Down George Street. Nice little wine bar. End of memory..

Jez Gillett Band JGB – gig poster

jgb poster jgb2

supplied by Pete Prescott

Jez Gillett, Neil Cartwright, John Laidlaw, Mick Burt, Pete Prescott

Ernest Ballard… Bunch of long haired louts. Good band tho.

Neil Cartwright… Really good times!!

Pete Prescott… We had our moments.some nice gigs and recorded a couple of nice tracks. Good days.