The Happy Ballroom Hastings Pier & more January 1967 by Andre Martin

January 1967 – we made it through New Year ’s Eve and its back to normal from now on – The Happy Ballroom on Hastings Pier is still not open for any form of entertainment, after all it is Saturday 7th January 1967. I fear this is going to be the case for a while, even my crystal ball is not showing much in the future – the Fishing is doing well and the Long Bar is open, but where are the visitors? For those of you who were missing the start to the weekend – Ready steady Go, I have had a search as what was on offer included CrackerJack – guest this week Wayne Fontana, The White Heater club with Andy Stewart, The New Comers, Perry Mason and Twenty Four Hours. Over on the ITV network, there is nothing of a musical nature to offer. The trouble was that nobody has Video Recorders at the time so we have no back catalogue to watch in its place. For many it would have been The Pam Dor that would have offered somewhere to go on Friday Evening. Or perhaps to the cinema, and we did have several still in operation at the time, but from memory it was more of a Sunday Night event or perhaps in the week. Down at the Witch Doctor – recovery had been quick after NYE and we would have had Steve Maxted to look forward to as a pick up on the Thursday. Saturday and it would have been live music and this week’s line up would be another of the regular and popular – Davy Sands & The Essex giving the club a good start to 1967.
The BBC for Saturday has on offer: Light Programme: Saturday Club with Pinkerton’ Colours, Jimmy James & the Vagabonds, Cat Stevens, The Alan Price Set, the Bystanders & the Alan Tew Orchestra. Brian Matthew is on hand to spin some records and have a chat with the guests. Lunchtime “Its Call it Country Style” with Murray Kash and Jack Jackson, later in the afternoon – Music from the Movies, Swingalong, band Stand and “Have A Go” The evening has “Those Were the Days”, Henry Mancini, “Forces Star Time” from Bielefield, vis BFBS Germany. Later – Dancing Round Europe and Pete’s Party with Pete Murray. Sunday the schedule included: Easy Beat, Three Way Family Favourites [London, Koln & Borneo]{ for those interested I have some new information about BFBS in the 1960s and will feature some of this as and when it is relevant} The Ken Dodd Show, The Clitheroe Kid, Billy Cotton Band Show, Semprini and Pick of The Pops. In the evening you had the choice of Movie Go Round, What Do You Know, Sing Something Simple, Grand Hotel, the Men from The Ministry and Jazz Scene. Television offered – Saturday – Grand Stand, Juke Box Jury, guests this week included Simon Dee, Alan Freeman, Pete Murray and Jimmy Saville with David Jacob in the chair. This was followed with Dr Who: The Highlanders, The Monkeys. Film: “If I Were King” with Ronald Coleman and Frances Lee. The Val Doonican Show, Adam Adamant Lives, MOTD, The Late Show. Over on BBC 2 you had Rugby Special- England v Australia, The Forsyth Saga, International Cabaret and the Midnight Movie was “Never Let Go” starring Peter Sellers, Richard Todd and Adam Faith. Sundays Television – Education and Training Programmes till 15.20 Film Matinee The Four Marx Brothers in “Horse Feathers”, Sleeping Beauty on Ice, The Three Musketeers, Pinky & Perky’s Island. Sunday evening film – “I was a Male War Bride” with Cary Grant and Ann Sheridan, Dr Finlay’s Casebook and to end the evening Leonard Bernstein Conducts – Shostakovich: Symphony No. 5, Over on BBC 2 there was The Danny Kaye Show, World Cinema – Les Cousins a French film with English Subtitles.
For those who preferred to tune into the Pirate Station, we had a great choice in the South-East, but the main 2 were of course Radio London and Radio Caroline South. Thinking about the choice, you also had Radio Luxemburg and for some, particularly in the winter month American Forces Network, which was broadcast from Bremerhaven in West Germany and via booster transmitters in coastal Holland that was aimed at East Anglia and the US bases. The Top Hits from AFN for 1966 were, Ballard of The Green Berets: SSGt Barry Sadler, Reach Out: Four Tops, Last Train to Clarksville: Monkeys, Cherish: The Association. Radio Caroline Countdown Of Sound, Saturday, January 7, 1967,from 12 noon till 3 pm – with Dave Lee Travis and from 0030 Johnnie Walker* on Caroline South : 1 Sitting in the Park: Georgie Fame, 2 Sunshine Superman: Donovan, 3 Save Me : DDDBMT, 4 Any Way You Want Me : Troggs, 5 Walk with Faith in Your Heart : Bachelors. Radio London with Kenny Everett played – 1, In The Country : Cliff Richard, 2, I’m a Believer : Monkeys, 3, Night of Fear : Move, 4, Come Round Here, I’m The One you Need : Miracles, 5, Nashville Cats : Lovin’ Spoonful. That’s the first week over; the Christmas Decoration will be down and packed away. Some of the shops, actually had theirs removed and the January Sales signs up by Boxing Day. Although it was different back 50 years ago, as many shops were closed for Sunday Trade, so you did feel that the weekend was different. Perhaps it was a good thing when you knew that Sunday was going to be a different type of day – answers on a p/c co SMART and I will let you know. Till next week you all take care.     Andre Palfrey-Martin © 2017

Andy Qunta… Thanks, Andre! I almost felt I was back there in time!

Jim Breeds… In the famous Time Machine?

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