Seaside Treats Festival – Sweet, Neville Staple Band and Sham 69 plus more to be confirmed. White Rock Theatre 3rd June 2017


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This unique event takes place in one day to raise money for the Dame Vera Lynn Children’s Charity that aids and assists children with learning difficulties. The gathering of such bands that have made an impact on generations of people over the years are performing in aid of this worthy charity. As well as the acts, with more to come, there will be stalls and other points of interest. This is a great chance to see something that is for a worthy cause and also to see everyone rockin’ down the front. Current line up includes: The Sweet, Neville Staple Band, Sham 69 and more to be confirmed.

Mike Raxworthy… Right on my Jazz, Blues and Soul Festival weekend – that’s unfortunate….probably a different audience though…that’s the thing about Hastings, always plenty of choice!

Alan Esdaile… Went to the Sunday Jazz Blues and Soul Festival last year Mike and was excellent. Hoping for more of the same this year.

Mike Raxworthy… The pubs who were involved last year suggested I double it up – so it will kick off Friday evening 2nd June in pubs and hopefully some restaurants, then from 1pm on the Stade on Saturday 3rd June thru till 9ish then back to the pubs till 11. Liane has agreed to play Saturday on the Stade as my headline. We continue with a jazz orchestra at Butlers Gap on Sunday 4th at 12.30 then over to The Stade till 7pm…then back to the pubs! I’m doing it as a fund-raiser for The Winkle club again (you can’t put stuff on The Stade for profit) and I am seriously looking for some good sponsors. Entrance to most venues and of course on The Stade will be free!

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