The River Boys – Kiss My Baby Goodbye 1987

riverboys 1 riverboys 2 riverboys 3

riverboys 4

photos supplied by Colin Brown Eastbourne Bands from 1960 on.

Colin Brown… 4 photo’s of a Record Produced in Eastbourne 1987. “The River Boys ” 12″ Vinyl 33 & 45

Ernest Ballard… I played with the River Boys towards the end of my time in Hastings. Big Barry on guitar was so much fun to be around. Threatening to cut my long hair off to suit the bands image. Mark was on bass. The mention of ICC on the post related to ICC international Christian recording studio in Eastbourne if you didn’t already know. So live in the studio. Part of Kings Church in Hastings. Which was established in Hastings at the indoor Tennis courts up on the Ridge which I believe is still there. They had indoor cricket nets too I believe. I have a River Boys shirt somewhere I’ll try and take a picture of it.

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