Beatles Day 5 – Hastings Pier 4th April 2004.


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Pete Prescott… I remember this well. This was our first year in the pier. We didn’t know how it would go. So many people showed up we were instantly worried about going over capacity. Luckily it was a glorious day and people started sitting outside soaking up the sun.they had their programmes and came into see the acts It was packed all day as people came and went (around 2000) I remember Eric Roche trying to tune up in the dressing room as some young children charged around laughing and having fun (one of them was my daughter). He was great about it as he had his first child himself and understood. He went on stage and was stunning. We went on to have another two years there. There were 38 acts on all day.

Steve Cooke… Ah, Eric. Still sadly missed.

Chris Barrett…  It was great on the pier. It was easy to wander around and see everyone. I didn’t remember it as being only 3 years in there though. Happy memories 😀

Ernest Ballard… You can still wander around on the pier. Just not so warm in winter Chris.


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