Mr Crowley – Ozzy Osbourne and Hastings connection

Pete Fisher… Not sure if it’s common knowledge here, but Mr C spent his last days in Hastings, living at Netherwood, a spooky old house just off the Ridge down Stonestile Lane, where he died in 1947, if my memory is correct. Friends of mine rented a flat in a large house almost adjacent to Netherwood, from where the landlord ran a business selling crystal balls, ouija boards and the like, and was himself a pretty weird character who would appear out of nowhere and frighten the life out of me on the stairs when I was leaving in the wee hours…Gary Kinch will remember, no doubt…

Ralph Town… I nearly had a flat in house just up from the AC house 

Jan Warren… Yes, I know about Mr Crowley and that he lived in Hastings!

Pete Fisher… In 1975, while staying at Hastings, England, with my aunt, I was fortunate enough to be introduced by her to Kathleen (or ‘Johnny’) Symonds, a charming widow in her 60s, who had not only been Aleister Crowley’s last landlady but who was with him when he died in 1947…….

Jan Warren… Yes, the amazing Ozzy Osbourne – I love him and Black Sabbath!! – probably my all-time fave heavy rock band!! 

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