SMART SOUNDS by Colin Bell reviewing Remixes & Rarities (2cd set) A Flock Of Seagulls


REMIXES & RARITIES (2CD SET) A Flock Of Seagulls

Ah the Eighties, 1982 the year of E.T. bad haircuts, bad clothes, yuppies, I could go on….anyway to the music! The age of New Wave, synthpop, drum machines (don’t get me started!). You’ve probably gathered not this reviewers favourite era! However there are a few bands I took too and FOS is one. Ever since I saw ‘that’ haircut sported on TOTP’s they got my attention.
1982 was the peak year for Liverpudlian brothers Mike and Ali Score notching up four consecutive hits with ‘I Ran (So Far Away), ‘Space Age Love Song’, ‘Wishing (I Had A Photograph Of You’ and ‘The More You Live, The More You Love’ impressive. MTV heavily rotated I Ran, which gained them an international fanbase and they were hugely successful in America, something I must admit I wasn’t really aware of at the time as to me their sound is so very European and the States so rock orientated. Indeed the band were so successful there they later relocated to Phildelphia. This new remastered 2CD package brings together as the title suggests all the remixes and rarities, some for the first time of their work spanning 1982-1986. Four versions of ‘I Ran’, Four versions of ‘Wishing’ 2 versions of ‘Space Age Love Song’ and a plethora of other 7inch, 12inch, U.S. mixes etc etc. It really is an album for completists and die hard fans of the band and I’m sure will be warmly received by the same. For those with a passing interest in FOS or indeed Eighties synthpop it may be overkill, but I must admit I’m glad personally to have the extended mix of ‘Wishing’ which is playing (loudly) as I write, of all their tracks there is something hypnotic and addictive about it. Good liner notes, a discography and excellent sound complete a good retrospective release.

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Til next time and a 60/70’s soul legend…

Leigh Wieland-Boys… I saw them at Maryland University (was living in US at the time) in 1982, they were supporting The Jam! Brilliant evening!

Mick Burt… Good song and good band

Jon McCallion… Mentioned on radio 2 today

Lloyd Johnson… The 80s ‘Bad clothes’…’Bad’ as in ‘good’.

Alan Esdaile… too late for Fab, I think we might have described them as Cool or maybe Wicked in the 80’s?

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