Who remembers being paid cash in a wage packet?


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Ernest Ballard… You know what. I loved getting paypackets on a Friday.

Chris Meachen… Me too…

Eric Harmer… I have still got some old pay slips from the early 7o s. I have got one for about £5.

Richard J Porter… £21 in 1975? Schoolleaver?

Clifford Rose… I left school in 75 and my wages were £16 for a 40 hour week. The next year I changed jobs and my money went up to £27 a week.

Sandra Cunningham…  I still get paid like that xx

Glenn Piper… Amazingly enough I do remember it; must be because it’s so long ago

Chris Meachen… I like the fact that Eric Clapton has someone do him a wage packet every week. It evidently helps him stay ‘real’.

Alan Esdaile… My first wage packet was £6. 6s. a week. £2 for mum and dad but managed to go to a gig, buy a record, have a few drinks and cigarettes, money for coffee bars and still put a bit in savings in the Abbey national.

Gerry Fortsch…. Thatcher removed the TRUCK act in the 80s resulting in the need for employees that had never had a bank account requiring to open one, wages would now be paid into your account. This made life for the employer much easier, no on site banking, no need for cash on site and less opportunity to physically see the difference in wage structures. Your hard earned cash was now in the safe hands of the banks.

Ralph Towns… Ahhh the memories.

Jeanette Jones… Back in the day, an individual could leave school once they were were 16, before they had a chance to take their O Levels. Happily they’ve changed the law so no child is put in this position now. I chose to dance, so I could pay keep to my family & stay on in school to take those oh so important exams! My pay as a dancer was more, but so was the keep I was obliged to pay my family.

Glenn Piper… Leaving school at 16 came into law in the academic year starting in 1972 I think. Prior to that it was 15. I left school when I was 15 in 1972 at the end of the 1971 academic year.

Jeanette Jones… Yes we were both just on the wrong side of that one Glenn! Glad the law changed for all the other bright young things that wanted to stay on

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