Geoffrey Bayldon – Catweazle dies


Alan Esdaile… R.I.P. Catweazle. The neighbours kids used to think I was Catweazle when I had long hair!

John Wilde… Oh no!

John Austin… How sad, loved Catweazle !

Patrick Briggs… He had a good innings . Not long watched every catweazle on DVD box set

Julie Findlay-jones… Sleep well Carweazle x

Tony May… I took some footage of the locations where ‘Catweazle’ was filmed when I went to meet Geoffrey at a club weekend in 2014. You can watch the first part here…

Jan Warren… Goodnight catweazle xx

Jake Nelson… Shame–Catweazle was a popular programme for me & my friends, as was Worzel Gummidge, that also featured Geoffrey Bayldon.

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