The Confederates – St Clements Caves Hastings 1965


supplied by Pete Millington

Pete Millington… The Confederates playing in the St Clements Caves, Hastings – Summer of 1965 — with Johnny Conroy, Paul Burton, Pete Millington, Dave Johnson (hidden on drums) and Trev Spears.

Alan Esdaile….Always a great sound playing in the Caves, the problem was it was a long way to take the gear and the leads ended up all covered in sand.

Royal Albert….My dads band midnight shift played there not that I was about lol

Alan Esdaile….I remember doing disco’s in the caves with Colin Bell. During the Arthur Brown song ‘Fire’ I used to set fire to my hands with lighter fluid which is fine for a few seconds but with everyone cheering you on, you left it burning too long. Talk about blisters with yellow puss, argh! That was one thing I didn’t try again.

Michael Mepham…..The very same Caves I played in with Die Laughing and where I met a young lady whose surname was Schneckenburger. Ahhhh, those were the days

Rosalie Copeland… Oh my gosh – remember them so well! We used to follow them around town when they played gigs!

Chrissie Daniels…Hi, I am the General Manager at Smugglers Adventure and would love to create a big signage board with pictures such as the above. If anyone is interested in sending me any pictures and a backstory we can of course credit you. My email is

Dave Nattress… Played the caves a couple of times with Samisen – it was felt to be a prestigious gig venue back in the day, but yes, getting the gear in and out was a game, even though we were young and fit back then – and the central cavern bit where the bands played was in itself quite a distance from the main entrance. But…really good memories, packed with foreign students and the sound was better – less bouncy with loads of bodies around – live bodies that is – well most of them.

Peter Fairless… Ask Chrissie if gigs are still a possibility?

Clifford Rose… Only ever went to one concert in the caves, and that was Fred Wedlock 02/05/87. He was very funny live.

Ralph Town…  I saw a chap called Strange, in the caves. He was in early eps pf Men behaving badly and the 1989 Batman movie. As well as our own Mr.Mepham 🙂

John Wilde… Yes The Breathers supported Steve Strange in the caves probably 1979/80.  Hang on maybe it was some other combo but I def remember supporting the Strange One RIP

Ralph Town… I think it was Richard Strange.  I’m not so sure it was Steve Strange. I remember the act involved this chap looking like Tom Bakers Dr.Who with movies played on a screen. Under the heading of ,”The wonderful world of …….. Strange”. I saw Mick in there with one of his bands but was probably traumatised as some scrote stole my copy of Kiss Alive vol 1.So was more focused on the loss.

Alan Esdaile… Brilliant gig with The Breathers at the caves John, I pretty sure it was Richard Strange and not Steve Strange.

Wendy Weaver… We met Fred Wedlock once when we were having a drink with the Yetties. He was an extremely funny man when he wasn’t performing too :). Good old West Country humour.


Who remembers milk deliveries?

benny hill

Barry Newton… My first job in 1962

Mick Wright… We still do

Jim Hobbs… Another job mostly consigned to history.

Tony Gainsborough… Gold top, Silver top, Red top

Pete Prescott… Very well. I was also an occasional milk monitor at school. A big deal when your six ! I remember it freezing in the winter of 63 the tips being pushed out as it froze. A shame they are almost gone. I here they were fantastic for alerting services if someone was unwell in remote villages when milk wasn’t taken in. They were the only contact some people had. I remember the sound of them coming to deliver some morning’s. I think Paul McCartney said he knew he had a hit when he heard the milkman whistling a song he’d written.

Angela Frances Gardner… Of course and having to put cups outside for the milkman to cover the bottles to stop the bluetits piercing the lids for the cream!

John Coleman… They won’t forget Ernie!

Pete Prescott… My mum and dad collected the bottle tops to string accross the lawn to keep the birds off.

Alan Esdaile… Remember arriving back from gigs about the time that the milkmen started their rounds. After a shattering night, nothing better than a cool pint of milk before bed.

Dave Nattress… Of course and those electric milk-floats – 3 wheelers were they with whining engine noises? You could get a small bottle of strong orange squash – really nice although I’m sure it was squash and not juice back then. Also, a waxy carton of strawberry milk, and they used to have a few groceries on board as well. And of course it was well rumoured the milkman got special favours if the odd lady couldn’t afford to pay the bill!

Jake Nelson… We still get ours delivered, it’s nice to keep the old traditions going. And as someone said, milkmen (& postmen) do a social service sometimes in spotting trouble.

Barry Newton… In the days of the 58 club and I was on the milk I was known to get back into Rye and sleep in my milk float as it was not worth going home to bed, happy days, lol

Chris Sambrook… As a kid i’d like the sound of a milk float in the early morning and  know Gold Top was being delivered  ready for morning Cornflakes before School. All was well with World listening to the  sound of wonderful Radio London munching away in the kitchen. I don ‘t know if it is me but  Milk tastes better out of Glass bottles. Mind you saying that  at Priory Road Secondary Hastings the milk always tested sour.  Over to Pete, School Milk  monitor.

Pete Prescott… I loved it in winter when it was cold and hatred it in summer when it was hot and tasted off !

Janette Clare Morfey… We still get ours delivered. Its just as good as it used to be. X

Stevie Zee… My first job when I was 13! Milk boy. Getting up at five in the morning at weekends to do the milk round in Sanderstead and Selsdon!

Jilly Jones… I still do