Sir Roger Moore R.I.P.


Sir Roger Moore at photographer’s studio, Belgravia, London 1973.  Author Allan Warren.

Nick Prince… RIP Sir Roger Moore (October 1927-May 2017) Aged 89.

Keith Cowper… Sorry to see you go Mr Bond!

Alan Esdaile… I will always think of him as The Saint Simon Templar. R.I.P. Roger Moore.

Jake Nelson… What a shame. One of my childhood heroes, first as ‘Ivanhoe’, then as ‘The Saint’.

Wendy Weaver… I first saw him in The Miracle then as Ivanhoe, then as The Saint. He had some great parts and was so good in all of them. R.I.P

Mick O’Dowd… Goodnight Mr Bond! RIP

Robert Searle… Halo and goodbye RIP Roger Moore

Pete Prescott… What I loved about the man (apart from the usual cool, good actor stuff) was his charm and wit.
He was a very funny man in interviews who didn’t take himself too seriously. I would have loved to have met him. He told some wonderful stories. I was late heading home the last time I heard him (last year on radio 2’s Steve Wright show) I had to hear the end of his interview. Very funny. He lifted my mood. Made my day. Lovely man.

Dennis Torrance… Sad he is gone grew up watching the early Saint series and later his Bond films and the film Gold I remember and he was good on any chat show a true gentleman R.I.P sir Roger.

Clive Garrard… I loved “Randall and Hopkirk deceased” and “The Champions” on TV.I still think those programmes have stood the test of time even almost 50 years after they were made.Alexandra Bastedo was a Sussex lady.Roger Moore was also a very nice person.RIP Roger.

Janet Rennie… Yes I think so too . Charming lovely man .

Jan Warren… So sad that Roger Moore has gone, I really liked him, and as an actor remember all the tv series in the 60s, also he was my favourite James Bond, loved the humour he gave to it!! – R.I.P Roger Moore xx

Paul Dove… R I P James Bond,, Simon Templar, Roger Moore.

Jon McCallion… Very sad. Remembering the Saint

Jeanette Jones… I don’t remember which Bond film it comes from, but after a fight scene I remember an actress unfortunate enough to be given the line, ‘I’ve lost my charm’, Roger/Bond picked up the charm & gave it back to her with the line, ‘not from where I’m standing’. Sexist, exploitative, corny, porny, pudding & pie, it still makes me laugh out loud, when I think of it

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