Paul McCartney enjoys casual train ride to Hastings

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Daily Mail says… The 75-year-old legend, who has sold over 500million albums, was spotted cutting a solo figure as he boarded a train at Kings Cross to Hastings and made himself comfortable in a seat in first class.
Richard J Porter… Then the train to Rye where he would get a taxi home or someone would pick him up. Normal.

Andy Gunton… He does it all the time & has done so for many years. I can remember driving him & Linda from Rye to Ashford on several occasions. Not so sure about this train that goes from Kings Cross to Hastings though, have they built a new line while I wasn’t looking?

Richard J Porter… Kings Cross to St.Pancreas, High Speed to Ashford then Marshlink to Hastings. But he could get off in Rye saving himself a bit!! They probably said that to throw the public off the scent, LOL.

Rex Thinderbolt… Ticket to ride?

Martin Waghorne… Nobby !!

Debs Anderson… Is that really news Daily Mail?!

Sarah Harvey… Nobody tells me anything….never knew we ran trains from Kings Cross to Hastings and he appears to be on a 375… must check with train planning.

Graham Belchamber… I met him on the train last year, he got on at Robertsbridge. Great Chap and had a brief conversation with him when we got off the train at Charing Cross. Very friendly and happy to natter.

Wendy Weaver… When the children were young he and Linda could regularly be seen shopping in Queens Road in Hastings. (before the shopping centre was built)

Angela Frances Gardner… OMG he’s on a train!

Phil Gill… Yes, but he’s paid for the entire carriage.

Terry Huggins… I’m curious to know how many trains run from King’s Cross to Hastings. Charing Cross, Cannon Street and Victoria, yes, but King’s Cross is a new one.

David Roderick… The 1st day of filming for A Hard Days Night 2!

Sharon Sellens… He must have chartered that train from King’s Cross to Hastings 😉

Ralph Town… Saw them at Old Town Carnival once

Angela Jordan…  Used to have his hair cut in silver hill the barbers which was on the corner of Duke Road

Flanko Fin Barr… yeah your right he did

Roland Clarke… I wouldn’t meet him though, looks like he’s in first class!

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