Hastings Pier News

HASTINGS PIER NEWS. From the shareholders meeting today, the pier capacity for events has now gone up to 4000. What with the main Brighton venue being refurbished shortly, this will leave Hastings with the largest venue in the South and hopefully attract big names. With the pier now taking back the catering, The Pavilion building is now being refurbished and a lovely gesture is that it will feature a monkey light on the wall, in dedicated to Monkey Dave who I’m sure many people here remember with great fondness.

Andre Martin…  Interesting meeting and some good ideas/plans presented. plus a special proposal for dogs – will let the Pier Media Circus explain more on that ! Interesting with the 4000 potential capacity, does this now mean that we can expect 4000+ their dogs ! Excellent news about the catering and the local sourcing, both big plus. Steve Peak mentioned this is book was still available in the Gift shop if you have not yet bought a copy – now is the time!( cue “The Real Thing”)

Jim Breeds… I need you and Steve to sign a copy of the book that I can buy Andre.

Andre Martin… That can be arranged – no problems

Mick O’Dowd… Good news indeed let’s just hope they review the prices in the cafe!

Colin Gibson… Great to see a Monkey Dave tribute

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