Spam – 80 years old – who remembers having it?

Dennis Torrance… Had spam growing up quite liked it think it was the yanks during the war that brought it over here

Tim Moose Bruce… I thought it was those bloody vikings…

Martin Curcher… Heart Attack in a Tin !

Anne Gower… Happy birthday spam

Andre Martin… Saved this country during WW2 could be used for all roles not just food, used in trench walls, bomb shelters etc – Hah Hah. But its more modern produce in the 90s was great in ration packs.And many that were brought up on spam fritters are still here today and in reasonable health !!

Peter Fairless… Spam fritters were on the menu well into the ’70s. I may buy a tin, later, just to reminisce…

Andre Martin… I used to love spam and tomato sandwiches for lunch. And of course the ultimate would be span fritters, baked beans, chips and fried egg for tea.

Mark Gilham… Spam song Monty Python still funny.

Dave Nattress… I used to have SPAM as a kid. We knew how to live. I had heard long ago that SPAM was an acronym for something so I’ve looked it up. Apparently SPAM is an acronym for Special Processed American Meat.

Judie Struys… My worst nightmare. Especially spam fritters 😰

Jim Breeds… Wot we bought in New York a few years ago. BBE Jan 2008, but we were never going to open it.

Black Raven/Rubber Band – Colin Bell talking about the band in Hastings & St Leonards Herald 20th September 1973 & gig cutting from the YMCA.

img826rubber band

Write up supplied by Nick Prince


Alan Esdaile… Worked with Rubber Band on a number of gigs including St Thomas’ Hospital in London. I think they came from Forest Row. They were signed to Martin Casson Agency and played the pier lots of times. Can’t find any photos, possible Andre has some or some of Black Raven?

Colin Bell… Yes, Alan is quite right they did hail from Forest Row, I kept in touch with Dave for some years, but don’t know about now. They did the best version of Bowies Suffragette City ive heard, not including the original of course! Miki Dallon who owned and run Youngblood Records was a great character, I worked for him for a while, getting paid was Don’t think Rubber Band will be retiring on their royalties…….

Andre Martin… Alan your right, the leader/vocalist came from Forest Row, I think his father owned a motor dealers/workshop, that is why the had such excellent signwriten transport if I recall Paul played an instrument on the recording, something like a penny whistle. I also think that we have several ties with the Young Blood International Label – Sabotage, Mac & Katie Kasson and these boys.

Mick O’Dowd… Didn’t they change their name especially for the gig with “He who cannot be mentioned” to Rubber Band?


Hastings & St Leonards Herald Thurs Sept 27th 1973. supplied by Nick Prince.

Andre Martin… Good press cutting – tells more of the story

Peter Millington… a bit more history to put into Confederates/Spyke/Jinks timeline. Problem is I don’t remember a regular gig at the “York and Crypt”. Will have to dust off the old memory banks LOL

7th July 1973