name a neighbourhood game you played as a kid

Judith Monk… Fives and marbles

Glenn Piper… Didn’t

Pete Prescott… British bull dog.

Andy Knight… knock down ginger

Wendy Weaver… Didn’t do bad did we ?

Clifford Rose…football in the park with jumpers as goal posts.

Alan Pepper… We played a game I think it was called ‘May I ? ‘ from one side of the street to the other. Anyone else ?

Lyn Humphrey… British Bulldog, Knights in Armour……and Cowboys & Indians!

Ray Murrell… nicking sweets from Woolworths

Joe Knight… Hop scotch and kiss chase!

Colin Fox… Fag cards. We used to stand a card against a wall and each one of us took it turns to flick a card and try to knock it down. The person who succeeded won all the cards on the ground.

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