60’s Mods in Hastings – New photos?

This has just been uploaded on You Tube, a few Hastings shots and probably seen most of them before but a couple I don’t recognise?

Colin Fox… I remember it well. The police pushed us onto the beach and we all sat down facing the cliffs above Hastings. All of a sudden, like a cowboy film, a load of rockers appeared in a line on top of the cliff. A big chear went up, and the rockers made their way down to the beach. A few punchups took place, but nothing serious.

Pete Fisher… I remember (aged 9) watching the Mods being marched out of town, wheeling their scooters, from my bedroom window in Fairlight Road…here’s a Pathé clip which most people have probably seen, but some nice shots of Hastings in 1964… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ie9mqTafAxo

Colin Fox… It wasn’t as bad as the media made out. As usual a few troublemakers ruined it for the rest. I had several friends who were rockers. There was a bit af banter between us, but no problems.

Mick O’Dowd…  I was ther as well. As Colin says it was hyped up by the press wanting a sensational story. Then a Mod now a Skinhead!

Andre Martin… Oh well it is the 53rd anniversary of the “troubles” so the stories – true and make up will be around for the weekend.

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