The Nearly On The Beach Concert 2017 – The Stade Open Space Saturday 29th July and Sunday 30th July 2017

Saturday 29th July 2017 – Strings, The Rocking Ambassadors, Dead Calm, Local Heroes and The Blues Brothers Show.

Sunday 30th July 2017 – DJ Wendy May, Alibi, Brent Hutchinson Blues, Pete Prescott with The Sgt Pepper Band (photographed) and The Rockit Men.

Pete Prescott…  THE SGT PEPPER BAND is rehearsing this Wed(26th July) at the Marina Fountain pub. Massive thanks to Glenn Hoile for allowing us to use the pub. If you want to watch the fun it starts at 8.00pm. Josephine Claire Hamill, Martin Blackman and I will be joined by guest vocalists Joby Heasmer Mike Raxworthy and Tim Phillips. The band is Tony Gainsborough, Chris Barrett, Phil Gill, Danny Jefferies and Rick Pentecost. We are playing on Sunday at the beach gig at 4.00pm but it would be great to see you at The Fountain tomorrow. Almost like a gig !

Mike Raxworthy…. Re the Beach Concert: URGENT CHANGES!! Saturday: Rhythm Fields just let me down so I’ve managed to get Strings in at the last minute – they’ll be doing a 20 minute set from 2pm…so thanks to those guys for stepping in (for FREE) at the last minute. SUNDAY: Brent Hutchinsons Blues Band – they’ve got a big gig this evening miles and miles away and requested an earlier slot…so they are now starting at 2pm and Alibi will take their the 3.15 pm slot. All I need now is the rain to keep off….remember this year I’ve got a marquee over the bar so in case of showers people have some shelter! Also Sunday morning I’ve got Swing Street on at 10.30 am along with a proper breakfast…bubble and squeak with fried egg on top and baked beans – or a veggie version of that too…OR Old Town Smoked Haddock Kedgeree with rice etc OR Oysters and bubbly…it should be good if it’s dry – so please come and join me for Brekkie sunday morning – gates open at 10am!!! Wish me luck and a dry weekend! Please share if you can…thanks

Alan Esdaile… The Sgt Peppers Band should be on around 4.00pm on Sunday.


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