View Master – who had one of these?

supplied by Andrew Clifton

Andrew Clifton… Who had one of these?

Jan Warren… Yeah and I still got one!

Robert Searle… yes all in 3D, great pictures

Pauline Richards… Last time I was at ‘jamies’ at Brighton they had children’s menus on those

Jeff Belton… Me, I had one ! One set of slides I had was the James bond movie love and let die.

Mick O’Dowd… The original virtual reality headset!

Michael Wilson… I had one of these with Tin Tin slides on

Nicky Stead… me to – ha ha

Judie Struys… I had 20000 leagues under the sea on mine

Pete Prescott… Oh yes !We had changing of the guard at Buckingham palace. And views of (I think) Switzerland. Must have been around 1960, I wonder what happened to it.

Chris Jolly… I’ve got one of these devices somewhere too…

Clifford Rose… Yes, I had one sent to me from a penfriend in USA


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