Glen Campbell dies

photo from 1967. © Capitol Records.

Alan Esdaile… We knew it was coming but still very sad news.

Jim Breeds… Absolutely. Though probably a blessing for him and those close to him.

Chris Giles… We’ve been playing the new CD this last week ….brilliant songwriter and singer, knew it was going to happen soon…but nevertheless end of an era …..

Mark Gilham… Huge loss

Chris Meachen… Another great talent leaving us.. R.I.P

Dennis Torrance… Real shame about him going his music I liked

Colin Bell… A true great and a huge loss. R.I.P. Glen

Kevin Sherwood… A great talent gone.

Josie Lawson… Used to listen to him a lot…yes

Diane Voisey… So sad. I was lucky to see him live at Croydon Fairfield Halls. I pick up a signed copy of his album at the time. Just bought his latest CD called Adious which is very good.

Paul Dove… So sad to lose glen cambell grew up with his music ,, he made a contribution’s to so many influence ‘RIP Mr GLEN CAMBELL’

Wendy Weaver… RIP. Another elder gone

Barry Newton… Another great artist bites the dust, RIP

Gerry Fortsch… Sad loss, I liked Glen Campbell, not all of his songs but he was a great musician.



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