Who played cowboys and indians as a kid?

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Lloyd Johnson… I did. Cap bombs were great!….

Pete Prescott…  I might have done. OK I had a black and white cowboy outfit when I was six. With a black bolster and silver gun. I spent Christmas shooting various family members (mummy mum). all nice harmless stuff. At night I would be put in the sleeping bag my mother made for me and lifted around the room with my head sticking out for my goodnight kiss from everyone… then I would shoot them. I had a wonderful family.

Lloyd Johnson… Your name isn’t Hopalong Cassidy is it? ….😀😀😀

Amanda Brooks… Yeah. I had a silver gun that took caps.

Judith Monk… We did.

Pete Millington… I loved the smell of caps – the first and last addiction I ever had!

Steve Reents… These rocked! I had a giant plastic bag full.

Janet Rennie… Haha great memories

Will Cornell…  My toy soldiers consisted of some lead ones of British Cavalry ca. Crimean War…but my folks found out they were highly collectible and stopped me from playing with them. So it was plastic from that point on. But that didn’t discourage me from the Blue & Grey centennial edition of Civil War soldiers or the WW2 sets (you could get grey for Germans or tan for Japanese, and allies were always green.). Hours on the floor, sandbox, wherever. I still think GI Joe is a doll, like ya know, for girls.

Pete Prescott… I used to dig little trenches in the garden. Then lay next to them to get the full effect. I loved the cap fun I had. I was always envious of anyone who had an action man.I didn’t have one. I still carry the scars of action man envy !

Amanda Brooks… Yeah, I had Sindy doll envy, I didn’t have one for ages, then got one. She weren’t all that.

Olga Mamonova…  in Moscow we played Indians & Indians – various ‘tribes’ against each other, – never the cowboys, as we all supported Indian side.

Jake Nelson… Never stopped playing, as a kid!



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