Scalliwags with Mick Betts in the dj booth – December 1978. Also who was Dave?


photo by Sandra Bryant via Kevin Burchett Scalliwags Facebook page

Darrren Holmes… Where’s Chuzzle??? I thought he was a dj down Scallywags – he still is a scallywag!!! lol

Jeff Chuzz Balcombe… yeah Phil Edwards & I shared the DJ ing with Mick, we done mon, tue wed he done thur & we done fri then he done sat I THINK THATS HOW IT WENT.


supplied by Kevin Burchett

Kevin Burchett… DJs phil edwards. jeff balcombe. mick betts. johnny francis. johnny stewart. cliff ? and some more please help the aged remember the others?  DOORMEN kevin burchett. steve christmas. lenny. mick fellows big baz. dennis price .arthur freeman. tony vee any more? BAR STAFF les martin. chris glazier. jim green carry on you lot theres lots more.

Jane Hartley… A discussion was held yesterday re djs at Scalliwags. Was there one called Dave who may have lived along Bexhill rd?

Wendy Weaver… Willie George was DJ-ing towards the end of Scally’s. Lovely guy RIP

Alan Esdaile… A few Dave’s, the only one I can think of at the moment is Dave Henry but not sure he did Scalliwags?

Peter Gladwish… Dave Turnbull???

Jane Hartley… Thank you, we had friends in Bexhill road called Henry, but I thought there was only a daughter! Any djs known to have lived near Stamco, old coastguard cottages maybe?  Did Willy George live near Stamco Wendy?

Wendy Weaver… Willy George used to live along the seafront between the marina flats and the Marina Fountain. The house was on a corner and had two lions on the pillars. He might have moved but when I knew him that was where he lived . He was the D J at Rennies before he went to Scallies He came from St Lucia.

Kevin Burchett… Its definitly not Willy i knew willy very well lovely man r.i.p

Sandra Bryant… There was a Dave, he is in the photos . Dave Brimmell,(not sure on spelling). He was a DJ , did both bars, I went out with him. He is in the photo’s, wearing a red and white jumper. He lived in a rd of Bexhill rd and shared a bungalow with Mick Bets and Keith for a while. Do you mean him?

Kevin Burchett… I lived with Mick Betts in the bungalow in bridge way for a while it was ours rented from the lady next door I was there when madly came along and broke the terrible news of Derek Reade passing away in hospital of his injuries from the car crash the night before.

Tracey Willow… Early 80’s doormen included, Mick Dixon, Tony Pratt, Ian Magee and Ali



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