Who’s Your Favourite Guitarist Of All Time

photo source: Jean Armstrong – The Yesteryears Revisited Facebook page

Colin Fox… I don’t think I can answer this question. I like so many different styles of guitar orientated music, from old and newer blues, rock, jazz, funk, classical, flamenco etc.

Ernest Ballard… Jeff Beck

Steve Reents… Frank Zappa, Buckethead, Stevie Ray, Jimmy Page

Mick Knights… Bert Weadon, without whom we wouldn’t have had the vast majority of 60’s guitarists

Clifford Rose… Mick Ronson

Doug Prentice… Ry Cooder, Billy Gibbons

Mark Randall… Mine is Foz? from David Devant & his Spirit Wife – seriously

Chris Meachen… Paul Kossoff, Alan Murphy, Guthrie Govan….

Samuel Freeman… Jimmy Hendrix

Peter J Brazier… Anyone who can play one cos I Can’t lol

Patrick Lewis… I’m no musician so perhaps should not comment but my pick would be Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead

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Don Williams R.I.P.


Peter Millington… Not another! RIP Don

Robert Searle… Nice singer who had feeling RIP Don Williams

Will Cornell… True greatness…..Many of his compilations lack this song which used the melody from (get this) Dvorak’s Symphony #9 “The New World”….now honestly, do you see now why so many of us vastly prefer pre-Garth C&W? Do you think Luke Bryan even knows who the hell Dvorak was? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=5&v=HdrbrxJPC9Y

Joe Knight… A great man and Country Singer RIP

Its 2017 and your still listening to 70’s music

photo source: Richard Temple 70s Memories by DoYouRemember.com https://www.facebook.com/groups/DoYouRememberThe70sFanClub/

Tony Davis… Tell you what – I really don’t care. I still think some of the best and most important music ever made comes from the sixties and seventies.

Jon McCallion… Still have my eight track player and tapes, graet music.

Steve Martin… Yea

Glenn Piper… Of course

Tony Ham… Too right.

Jan Warren… Of course, it’s the best!!

Will Cornell… Yes but not Barbra Streisand

Pete Prescott… absolutely !

Richard J Porter… Yes, and 60s and 40s and 50s as well as pre war Big Band, Glenn Miller and the like. My cars have CD players but they also have cassette players and I take a selection of cassettes with me going all the way back to when cassettes first became available.

Mick O’Dowd… At least they all sound fresh & crisp not the over-produced offering today.

Darren Johnson… why of course

Michael Wilson… My current playlist at the moment is Lou Reed, Johnathan Richmond, Marc Bolan and Alvin Stardust. I do get a bit modern with Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Dave Nattress… You bet!! Wife’s just put some baking rubbish prog on TV so I’m off for the headphones and some vintage Free or Who. Gonna hear those rich chords of All Right Now for the millionth time any minute now! Then it might be some Everything, Everything, 4th album, which isn’t quite 70’s. In fact I’ve got 8 versions of All Right Now on the Deluxe Double CD of Fire and Water to get through for starters. 70’s – great stuff. Nice to have been there.

Darren Johnson… to me it’s a lot of the music and production techniques of the mid 1980s (all compression, overproduction and synths drowing everything out) that sounds horribly dated now – whereas so much music from the 60s, 70s and 90s has a timeless quality about it