Canned Heat – On The Road Again


classic line up 1970. Skip Taylor Productions (management)/Liberty Records. The engagement this photo was used to promote took place about 2 weeks before the death of Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson.

Steve Maxted…. I was on tour with Canned Heat etc. at the time of that big hit. Compering the shows

Will Cornell…. Brilliant band and it may be heresy to say this in Texas, but they were WAY better than ZZTop, who copped most of the same sound. Hite and Wilson were introduced to each other by the great John Fahey, and they found between them, they had probably the biggest collection of blues 78s on earth. Check out the “Hooker N Heat” album they did with John Lee Hooker too. It’s Wilson’s last album before he died.

Terry Har… I saw Canned Heat with Maggie Bells Stone the Crows at the Albert Hall

Andy Qunta… Love this!

Michael Wilson… Canned Heat Vocals always reminded me of Skip James.

Will Cornell… Alan Wilson’s, yes….Bob The Bear Hite’s were, well, he sounded like he looked. Compare “On the Road Again” and “Going Up The Country” (Wilson) with “Let’s Work Together” & “Same All Over” (Hite). A good variety all in one band.

Jan Warren… I saw Canned Heat in Hyde Park, London (about 1970) there was also Lovin’ Spoonful and a few other bands!!

Alan Esdaile… I’m pretty sure that was the gig when it wouldn’t stop raining Jan? I remember seeing John Sebastian attempt to play and got a feeling that Eric Burdon was their. Got drenched and missed Canned Heat.

Jan Warren… Yes I think Eric Burden was there but I don’t remember it raining?!

Chris Sherwood… I was at that concert , Canned Heat were brilliant , but the stand out performance was Eric Burden’s ..Spill the wine …..Don’t remember any rain but ended up in the Leicester Square Empire watching Woodstock… Dancing in the aisles….Last night in London …… Legendary Days !!