Who remembers Jack Hargreaves asks Eugene Hughes

photo © Simon Baddeley

Val Shoesmith… Out of Town. How.

Steve Cooke… I used to love Out Of Town – spring starts to spring, the cuckoo starts to sing…

Geoff Peckham… Our playground version was, “Say what you will, school dinners make you ill…”

Mark Asseenontv Scutchings-Stevens… ………….. the countryside is still.

Eugene Hughes… Say what you will, the countryside is still. The only place where I could settle down.

Geoff Peckham… Troubles there are _ so much rarer…

Eugene Hughes… Out of town.

Nick Prince… Enthralling television…. He had a great laid back style of presenting

Gary Sykes… I think James May, the re-asembler is a chip of old jacks programe with a modern twist.

Pete Prescott… Every Sunday we would watch him. Am I dreaming or did he say (as he was cutting cheese with cheese wire ) “the Japanese used to creep up on English sentries in the jungle and use this to kill them…bastards”. Anyone remember that. It seems unlikely thinking about it now. Sadly I still sing it in the car

Wendy Weaver… He probably did and they did .

Mark Asseenontv Scutchings-Stevens…. I though it was on Friday evenings, in the Gosport catchment area

Nick Prince… It was Friday evenings after Day By Day/Scene South East from Dover in Hastings area. Think it was followed by Mind Your Language/ Muppet Show and such like. Sunday’s toward end of Southerns days

Mark Praid… “Say what you will, school dinners make you ill, all the teachers died of Shepherd’s Pie.” I remember Olli Kite sometimes on as his fishing buddy. Jack was also a bigwig on the board of Southern Television. Shame they changed Max Bygraves to swirling Guitars and Harps when the Theme tune was changed. So slow…..I aways thought those Shire Horses wouldn’t make it to the end of the field!

Ian Brown… Jack Hargreaves legend

Wendy Weaver… My aunt was a great fan. She was an artist and painted several oils of him. I think he had one of them.

Eric Harmer… I thought his name was “Watcha Will “Pete. The song went “Hey Watcha Will, the countryside is still” etc 😂

Peter Thomson… Shall we start a new thread on misheard lyrics? Or has it already been done?

Mark Strevett… Old school dying breed Legend 😊😊👍

William Wallace… when life was soooo much simpler

Mark Praid… Then years later it was Bob Flemming of “The Fast Show”

Richard J Porter… Loved him. So disappointed when his shows ended for the day.

Paul Chenery… Always used to watch it. I think I downloaded the series a few years ago…. Off to check. Lol

Terry Pack… Me, too.

Alan Pepper… Used to love watching this with my dad . What year was it broadcast – In the 60’s or 70’s ?
Must have been in black and white ! Great memories …..

Glenn Piper… Always loved his programme as a child


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  1. Used to love watching this with my dad . What year was it broadcast – In the 60’s or 70’s ?
    Must have been in black and white ! Great memories …..

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