Clive Richardson – around 1974/1976


and he was playing A Horse With No Name

Jim Breeds… Surely he was playing the guitar? Whether or not it had a name, I don’t know. 🙂

Phil Gill… No, I can tell by looking at his expression he was playing the B side, “Sandman”.

Jim Breeds… It’s a great photo of Clive. Hair’s a bit longer than when we were at school though. I met up with Clive last year for the first time in decades. Thanks to Alan for putting us in touch.

Andrew Freeman… Instantly recognisable as Clive, though with more hair than at school as Jim says.

Stephen Fletcher… Not seen Clive for years is he still about.

Alan Esdaile… He lives now in Battle, Stephen.

Diane Knight… Oh .. I do remember that face…

John McCallion… In the same class, Priory Road.

Mick O’Dowd… Great to see Clive. Pity he can’t make the Meets. I reckon he’s playing The Sound Of Silence.

Tony Court-holmes… does bloody good tours round england check it out. Jill and I go often.

Phil Gill… He looks very short in the pier photo.

Peter Brazier… That was just after we fixed the landing stage! I had to put that chain up lol

Jo Turner… I use to go digging for worms by the pier with Clive when I was a teenager. He taught me how to beat them digging down fast. Fond memories.

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