Wanted info on Hastings Music cd’s – asks Tony May

Tony May… Something to get your brains working on here! I am currently researching the history of the ‘Hastings Music Various Artists’ CD with an eye on a future article. If any of you have any such CD’s can you post a pic of them here, please. So far I know of about 10 or 11 but do not have copies of all of them and could do with information about them. Also, do any of you know about any vinyl compilations of local artists? I do not know of any? The CD’s I have in my collection are as follows: Underground Music Vol 1 (1998), Human Action Through Music (2005), 24th State – The America Ground Hastings (2010), RX87 – The Songs Of U2 (undated but 2012), One Hastings, Many Voices Volume 1 (2016), Love Hastings, Love Yourself (2017). Happy head scratching!

Kevin Burchett… Down Hastings by Jiggery Pokery put together for the instalation of the old lifeboat does that count?

Tony May… If its a various artists album then yes but if all the tracks are by Jiggery Pokery, then no. Thanks for this though Kev!

Kevin Burchett… ok they are all by the same artist

Andy Gunton… I co-produced a CD of local artists music in aid of Hastings Pier, after the fire in 2010. It was called ‘Not the end of the pier’. You’re welcome to have a copy.

Tony Davis… Good cd. I’ve played tracks from it on Carnival Fm

Alan Esdaile… Bare Faced Blues 2014.

Steve Amos… Have you got Pissarro’s Jazz and blues volume 1 (not sure if there was ever a volume 2). It’s from some time in the nineties and has some great tracks, including Lianne Carroll doing a terrific version of Perfect Day.


Martyn Baker… Uppers on the south downs

Smart Huggett… ‘Hastings Musicians Tsunami Appeal’ (2006), ‘Boiling Over’ (1998), ‘1066 Compilation 2000 and our mate Reuben put this CD-R out: ‘From Beneath The Sea’ (2010) and mostly-Hastings freebie (and a fair few Eastbourne acts) from Rye’s Rocksalts Festival (2006). I always used to pick these things up when I found them! I put out several CD-R and tape compilations myself, largely of Hastings musicians but with the odd guest from further afield. They’re all listed on Discogs under our old Coastline and Dizzy Tiger labels. https://www.discogs.com/label/111494-Coastline-Records https://www.discogs.com/label/89679-Dizzy-Tiger-Music-Co

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