Leisure Music selling records in 1977

Anyone remember Leisure Music selling records?

Phil Gill… What were they thinking?

Jon McCallion… Nope nor me

Peter Millington… I was a regular visitor to the shop and don’t remember seeing records, however, I seem to be able to ignore everything but guitars and amplifiers LOL

Chris Meachen… Me neither..

Alan Esdaile… Odd advert as says Records at Hastings! Could Complete Audio Systems be a different shop in Hastings?

Pete Millington… Could be Alan but I’ve never heard of it, and the address is the same as Leisure Music. – A Shop within a shop perhaps?

Phil Gill… I think Complete Audio Systems probably was a different shop in Hastings, but still owned by the English family under the Leisure Music umbrella, hence the common phone number. Still didn’t buy any records from them though.


Joan Armatrading 2018 Tour – De La Warr Pavilion 5th October 2018

International singer/songwriter, the legendary Joan Armatrading has spent the last 45 years touring and recording. 2018 brings Joan into her 46th year in music and only the second time that she will be performing a tour completely solo. For more information contact… https://www.dlwp.com/event/joan-armatrading/

Roadhouse – 1984/1985


supplied by Mick Mepham

Mick Mepham…..Here’s a pic I look at most days and had completely forgotten about. This was Roadhouse circa 1984 – 5 (I think). L to r: Nigel Millichamp (drums/pyros), Chris Jones (bass/leather), me, Dave Bartlett (Vocals/brylcreem). Good fun band, 1 album – Outhouse Tales. Hurrah!

Karen Sweatman…..I loved Roadhouse and spent many a happy evening down The Crypt watching these guys! Although, I was watching them probably around 1988 and the line up had changed a bit by then- great memories of dancing around like a lunatic .

Mick Mepham….I’ve got a few more pix like this but no live ones – has anybody got any live photos of this lineup please?

John Mcewen….I,m sure I,ve still got the poster from Roadhouse’s last gig at the Carlisle in the loft.