What is your favourite Billy Joel song?

Alan Esdaile… Mine is probably ‘Until The Night’

Tony Davis… Scenes from an Italian restaurant

Pete Prescott… Too many to list. Check out turnstiles. I’ve loved the days, summer highland falls, new York state of mind, Angry young man, Miami 2017. He was churning them out album after album. One of my favourite songwriters.

Terry Pack… New York State of Mind.

Eric Peckham… Most of them. Pressure is pretty near the top and We Didn’t Start the Fire.

Liz Dees Dianto… New York State of Mind

Phil Gill… All About Soul, with Allentown hot on its heels.

Clive Garrard… He is my hero, and there are so many great songs,but,”New York state of mind” is my favourite.

Alan Pepper… I love to sing along to My Life but Leave a tender moment alone is up there with the best in my opinion !

Rick Pentecost… New York State of Mind

Judy Struys… Until the Night for me too.

Pete Prescott… Leave a tender moment alone. Yeah great song !

Nick Prince… I apologise in advance….An Innocent Man

Andy Ives… Goodnight Saigon

Steve Reents… Honesty

Mark Randall… Predictable I know, but for me it has to be Piano Man . I’m surprised no-one has made a jukebox musical of Joel’s songs with this as the premise.

Gary Dixon… Leave A Tender A Moment Alone

Iain Cobby… It’s gotta be Piano Man

Clive Garrard… I love “Stilletto” very Jazzy.

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