Who remembers playing marbles?

photo source: Joe Mabel

Eric Peckham… Lost all mine …

Eric Harmer… I played with ma balls from a very early age

Wendy Belton…  Still got all my original ones from Silverdale school days. (Although those at home would say I had lost them all!)

Glenn Piper… Couldn’t afford marbles when I was a kid

Lloyd Johnson… No bottle washers or clay bunkers !……anyone know what I’m talking about?

Eric Harmer… No

Lloyd Johnson… ….bottle washers were glass balls the size of marbles that were used in the necks pop bottles and were still around in the 50s the same as clay bunkers which were used in ginger beer clay fired bottles.Some kids would try and join in games of marbles at junior school.We always said not bottle washers or Clay bunkers before each game…

Alan Esdaile… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tC1auBpqZ4E

Jacqueline Marsh… Always loved this song, first heard it in Spain played on a trumpet, brought goose bumps all over, fabulous thanks for posting

Lloyd Johnson… What about me clay bunkers and bottle washers?…cheap marbles…

Roger Simmonds… I remember well!!


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