What Is Your Favourite Beatles Song?

Alan Esdaile… A Day In The Life, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, This Boy.

Mike Curtis… And Your Bird Can Sing, I Saw Her Standing There, Blackbird.

Elizabeth Cross… Impossible to say. Depends on my mood!

Dave Walsh… I’m only sleeping

Rowena Christodoulou… Let it be, Dear Prudence, Taxman

Dona Kerns… Yesterday

Amy Slie… Help, I wanna hold your hand, let it be

Andy Legg… Hello Goodbye, Hey Jude, For no one

Mike Curtis… Do I get two goes? Julia, Girl, Abbey Road Medley.

Ernest Ballard… I want to hold your hand

Jon McCallion… All of them but I think it could be Any Time At All
from the early years, and later Revolution or Helter Skelter

Chris Meachen… Here, there & everywhere: She’s leaving home, Blackbird…

Paul Dove… Golden slumbers, carry that weight,the end,,!!!! 

Martin Stoggell… Revolution

Sam Rosewell… For No One; I Wanna Hold Your Hand;…..nope, too many to choose from! ( By the way, Absolute Radio 60s has Beatles Brunch on a Sunday morning, 10-12)

Julie Morris… Norwegian Wood

Alan Pepper… 1. Penny Lane 2. Here comes the sun 3. Yesterday . Thank you !

Dave Nattress… So many, but for the vocal mainly, “The Long and Winding Road”. Just wonderful.

Chris Sambrook… Blackbird, Hard days night and most of the tracks on Beatles for sale.

Judith Monk… Sadly my guitar gently weeps, Norwegian Wood, Eleanor Rigby and practically everything else!

Leigh Wieland-Boys… All of them, but love singing along to Come Together 😊

Clifford Rose… In My Life or Here There and Everywhere or even You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)

Tony Davis… A strange selection from me: Don’t Let Me Down, Nowhere Man and Strawberry Fields Forever. But really everything!

Jan Warren… That’s too difficult to say, I think when you were bought up with the Beatles, you just love them and all their songs so it’s hard to say but I do have a favourite album and that’s Sergeant Peppers!! xx

Pete Prescott…  I was obsessed with Penny Lane and Eleanor Rigby for a while but have to many to choose. I guess if I had to it would be Blackbird.  No ! Fixing a Hole or Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds or Golden Slumbers, I Want You, Here Comes The Sun.
It would be interesting to name the one we DON’T like ! 
I love the last three I mentioned by the way. All of them I guess !

Paul Morfey…. How about- I will (Paul), Being for the benefit of Mr Kite ( John), and Blue jay way(George). Will be three different songs tomorrow!!

Terry Pack… Penny Lane, The Long and Winding Road and Eleanor Rigby. Tomorrow it will a different three!

Danny Goyvaerts… All of them!

John William Willis… Thats is difficult , but Imagine John Lennon stands out

Tiffany Barton…Want to hold your hand x.  Fav John Lennon twist and shout and revolution and My fav Beatles song is Twist and shout

Caz Simpson… Imagine and Hey Jude x

Terry Huggins… I am the Warlus.

Kev Towner… At the moment it’s Golden Slumbers – but I actually prefer the Elbow version from the ad.

Chris Fagg… “Yesterday”

Barry Upton… Back in the ussr

Clive Garrard… while my guitar gently weeps, Rocky Racoon,I am the Walrus,Back in the USSR

Jim Hobbs… In my life.

Eugene Hughes… She’s leaving home

Nick Mallinson… I need you

Nicosan Desmedt… Revolution

Jane Hartley… Norwegian Wood

David Francis… Taxman

Tim Barton… Taxman is great, but when I was a nipper my faves were the double A-side of penny lane / strawberry fields. I hardly listen to them these days, but when I do it’s usually Revolver or the 8 track version of Magical Mystery Tour…. I do love about half of the White Album too of course (the less twee tracks).

Andrew Reid McDuffie… Yes, when I was a kid I always loved that double 45 Magical Mystery set too. Also Revolution which was probably my first exposure to “heavy” guitar

Steve Reents… Revolution #9

Grant Coleman… Helter Skelter, Hey Jude, While My Guitar Gently Weeps. But that could change at any time!

Mike Curtis… And Your Bird Can Sing. You Won’t See Me. Blackbird. You Never Give Me Your Money Medley

Ralph Town… All of Revolver but one song would be Julia off the white album.

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