The 45 7″ single is 69 years old (Feb 1949). What was your first record?


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Arthur Fiedler demonstrates the new RCA 45 rpm record player and a 45 rpm record. Fiedler was then the conductor of the Boston Pops orchestra and the host of the RCA Victor Show on NBC Radio, as well as an RCA Victor recording artist.

Alan Esdaile….What was the first single you got?  Mine was The Beatles Hello Goodbye.

Redstar Richter….t-rex – metal guru

Sarah Harvey….She Loves You – The Beatles…. and still got it in its original sleeve

Mick O’Dowd….Cathy’s Clown by the Evely Bros. Trouble was I only got a 78 player. DOH! First single I brought when I did have a proper machine was Wild Wind by John Leyton.

Pete Fairless…..Well, I played a lot of my older brothers and sister’s records, singles and albums, but the first single I bought with my own money was ‘Can The Can’ by Suzi Quatro in June 1973

Chris Meachen…First single I bought was ‘She loves you’ by the Beatles..

John Mcewen….Space oddity.

Yvonne Cleland…..Ape man. The Kinks.

Geoff Peckham…..I’m another “She Loves You”! I played the B side, ” I’ll Get You” to death as well.

Graham Burfield….silence is golden The Tremeloes

John Wilde….The Locomotion….Little Eva

Perri Ann Haste….Son of my Father by chicory Tip… Played it on the portable shared family Dansette record player….Rock ‘N’ Roll!!!

Peter Shaw….She Loves You…Beatles…6s8d…had to get mum to go out and buy a Dansette Bermuda!
If you know what that is, we’re the same age!!

Mike Curtis….Telstar. The Tornadoes.

Henry Mann….The Move. Blackberry Way

Andre Martin…..When” The Kaylin Twins – B side “3’oclock Thrill” – this was used by Roger Scott on Capital Radio in the 1970s as a jingle for his ” 3 oclock thrill segment on the afternoon shows. RIP Roger great DJ from those days of early commercial radio in Britain.

Philip Meston….I think mine was Broken Down Angel by Nazareth..

Susan Hanny….Wooden Heart Elvis Presley ….

Gary Kinch…..First 2 singles. Kinks: Ape Man, Manfred Mann: Fox on the Run (funnily enough)

Phil Thornton…..Good golly Miss Molly – I was 3 years old and have called all 7″ singles ‘golly Molly’s’ ever since !!

Jim Breeds….One of the first two singles I got. This was given to me in about 1963 (I think) by my uncle John Mitchell (he went on to be head of Parkwood School, he is sadly no longer with us) when he gave me his old Fidelity brand record player. It was a bit like the more famous Dansettes, it came in a case with a lid and a carrying handle. It had valves in it and got so hot that I had to prop it up on wood slats to allow air flow under it! Travellin’ Light by Cliff and the shadows. This record is 55 years old this year!

Lauren Gower….Lily the pink by the scaffold..I was 5

Colin Norton….Duane Eddy – “Because They’re Young” – no picture sleeve just the good old London American jacket..

Jimmie Mcaffee….One by Jo Brown and the bruvvers.Oh happy days.

Jon McCallion….Telstar, (the best). mine was Suger and spice by the searchers, still play them now.

Chris Pook….Went in with my bruv and sis and bought. Legend of Xanadu by DDDBM&T. Cost us 2/6 each! First single on my own – Gudbye T’ Jane by Slade. Got my Mum to get it for me from the Disc Jockey!

Will Cornell….Think it was a Glen Campbell cover of “Homeward Bound” that came free shrunkwrapped to a box of laundry soap.

Rick Pentecost….Mine’s’Telstar’ by the Tornadoes, with my 10th birthday record token

Andy Qunta….Got The Young Ones by Cliff & the Shads for my 11th birthday. We had a several of the records mentioned above too, including She Loves You & Telstar. Still love ’em all!

Matt Thomas….Blondie ‘The Tide Is High’

Richard Turner…..going underground jam

Kurt Helge Andersen…..1961: Hello Mary Lou/Travellin’ Man by Ricky Nelson – by the way with a picture cover as we always had in Denmark

Pete Fisher…..Bert Weedon – Ginchy.!

Karen Sweatman….Am I the only one that didn’t have a cool one? Mine was Mickey by Toni Basil! Although first record owned was Showaddywaddy’s Pretty Little Angel Eyes. I didn’t even have a cool number one when I was born – it was Lee Marvin’s I Was Born Under a Wandrin’ Star!

Ralph Town….Now…thats a difficult question.the first 45 I was in the room to hear was Telstar by The Tornadoes.The first 45 I actually spun was a copy of Thank You Girl/From Me to You by The Beatles but the first 45 I bought was a second hand copy of Metal Guru by T.Rex.

Janine Anne Hemsley….Rose Garden – Lyn Anderson

Dawn Leaney….Breaking up is hard to do…..!( David Cassidy and the Partrige family)

Tony Davies….The first 45 I bought was “Bad Time” by The Roulettes

Jane Hartley….The first chart record I bought was Mighty Quin by Mannfred Mann, but I did by a lot of records before that, got so many I can’t think what the actual first might have been, Craig Douglas maybe!

Terry Pack….’American Woman’ by The Guess Who, in April 1972. I was 14, living in Toronto. It was against the law NOT to have a copy.

Martyn Baker….I was given a cardboad boxful of old 1960’s 45’s by a family friend when I was a kid, but the first record that I actually bought was ‘Black Night’ by Deep Purple. Hmmm.

Andy Gunton….Hot Love by T-Rex

Mark Gilham….Stay With Me – The Faces or Schools Out – Alice Cooper. One of those two but I can’t remember which came first.

Graham Belchamber….Give Me love Give Me Peace by George Harrison. I thought I was purchasing My Sweet Lord , being a bit young etc , no complaints though despite my surprise when I played it for the first time. Lovely song.

Clifford Rose…..Mine was Solid Gold Easy Action by T.Rex. It was part of my Christmas presents from my parents.

Philip John…..The Ronettes, ‘Be My Baby’ I was at boarding school on the Isle of Wight at the time.

John Storer…First single I ever bought was “Vehicle” by The Ides of March in 1970. Bought it because it sounded like Chicago Transit Authority. Don’t remember buying any more singles until 1977 when I bought “New Rose” by The Damned

Jan Warren… Ashamed to say “Bachelor Boy” by Cliff Richard, followed by “Nut Rocker” by B. Bumble and The Stingers?!

Clive Garrard… George Harrison – my sweet Lord

Terry Pack… Layla by Derek and the Dominoes

Tony Davies… Bad Time by The Roulettes

Andy Qunta… The Young Ones, by Cliff & The Shads

Tony Davis…  I’m with Andy Qunta,The Young Ones. We have taste Andy…….maybe

Pauline Richards… Seven little girls sitting in the back seat. Think it cost me about 7/6

Colin Norton…  Duane Eddy – “Because They’re Young”

Andy Knight… The Warsaw Concerto, and I still have it!! How things changed?

Bob Shipway… I can’t remember the first one but You Really Got Me by The Kinks was one of the first and was definitely THE song that inspired me to take up music.

Robert Searle… Nut rocker B Bumble and the Stingers

Joe Knight… House of the rising sun ; the Animals (twisted wheel Plumstead se18 )

Alan Parker… 1st 45 I bought was ‘move it’ by cliff richard. ’57or’59 not sure which. Still have a 45 copy of blue moon by the marcels, about ’61 I think. It would have been about the last of the Do Wap songs.

Phil Thornton… Good golly miss molly – little Richard – handed down from my brother !! I took to calling all 7″ singles ‘golly mollys’ (I was about 5 at the time !)

Martyn Baker… Black Night – Deep Purple

Andrew Reid McDuffie… I had access to my older sisters and brothers singles so had spent a lot of time in the sixties listening to Mitch Ryder, Dionne Warwick, The Beatles, Arthur Brown etc etc. The first one I bought with my pocket money……Cozy Powell’s “Dance With the Devil” from Woolworths. For something like 35p?

Michael Gibbs… Itchycoo Park – Small Faces

Patrick Lewis… The Last Time by The Stones

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  1. First single I ever bought was “Vehicle” by The Ides of March in 1970. Bought it because it sounded like Chicago Transit Authority. Don’t remember buying any more singles until 1977 when I bought “New Rose” by The Damned


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