New Romantics at The Crypt late 80’s

supplied by Tony May

Tony May… Here’s an old pic taken in the ‘New Romantic’ days at The Crypt… Alex Bailey is the one in the black vest and Joe Strange is the guy wearing the make up and with the denim jacket but I don’t know who the other person is?  87-89 ish..

Martin Richter…Nicky Blewitt ? A Rain Station poster – there`s a story

Karen Sweatman Was Blackman… That’s what I thought

Clive Williams… I’m guessing 88 could be 89

Martin Richter… possibly a bit earlier ? I`ve got the press cuttings somewhere !


Who remembers watching The Beverly Hillbillies?

Andy Qunta… It still gets played on TV over here in the US, and I still love it!

Terry Huggins… Ironically, the guy who played Jethro Bodine was a very intelligent man. I believe he’s the only member of the cast still living.

Wendy Weaver… Used to watch it every day when the kids were small

Jan Warren… Loved it!!

Jim Breeds… Loved it. Also Greenacres. Anyone else remember that?

Lyn Humphrey… “Black gold, Texas tea!” The actor who played Jethro is the son of Max Baer, former heavyweight boxing champion of the world. Also remember Greenacres, on at Sunday lunchtimes.

Andy Qunta… While we’re on the subject, how about Petticoat Junction? Those saucy girls bathing in the water tank!  it was on around the same time as the Hillbillies & Green Acres. In fact, those 3 shows were connected. Some of the same characters appeared in all of them.