The Ricky Norman Sound – Manor Barn Tonbridge 1974

supplied by Ricky Long

Ricky Long… The Ricky Norman Sound at Manor Barn Tonbridge 1974 playing for Tonbridge Lions at a Castaways Dance with Roland Dann drums, Norman Bennett keyboard, Jillian Wheeler vocals and Ricky Douglas on Bass

Alan Esdaile… Roland looks a bit over dressed.

Ricky Long… But the punters made up for that

Janine Ann Scott… I remember those strides

Christopher Dann… I remember the Ricky Norman Sound because my dad, Roland, was the Drummer. I did a couple of gigs with them on bass when Ricky Douglas was otherwise engaged. Good band. I remember Norman Bennett played a Hammond organ which was quite a big deal back then.

Alison Sargent… He forgot his trousers

Anyone remember Boots Record Department in Robertson Street?

Thanks to Matt Thomas for finding this.


Dave Luck… Yes

Nick Prince… Yes. It was upstairs…

Steve Thorpe… Yep, still got a C60 cassette bought from there with a Top 20 recorded onto it!

Roy Penfold… Upstairs – past the home brew section!

Alan Esdaile… I did buy a few singles from them, when the others were out of stock but if I remember rightly the album sleeves were so jammed tight in the racks you couldn’t see what they were!

Alan Pepper… Yes I think in October 1971 they were 50pence each and remember i bought Al Green’s tired of being alone ! They also had a reduced section 29 pence singles and bought any on Tamla Motown label that didn’t chart . Good old Boots !

Nigel Ford… Sure do!… the arched listening alcoves had headphones wired in and the first one wasn’t working when I asked to listen to GRAND FUNK “Live Album” whom I’d not heard of before, but the sound came through the second one well and a band that were the loudest in the world at the time (ousting Grateful Dead..?) became one of my all time favourites from just seeing the album cover and thinking “Hey, they look exciting”….. another power trio like CREAM? I don’t remember buying anything else from there though, normally it was Disc Jockey & later Stylus where I bought stuff.

Eric Cawthraw… Never used it myself, but then I was never in to sole music. [Apology to all – but I couldn’t stop myself].

Jim Breeds… Yes remember it well. Good selection too. Alongside the photographic section I think. Steve I have loads of cassette tapes with the Sunday evening Radio 1 charts programme. Probably a couple of dozen. Some may be on Boots cassettes.

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