Who remembers The Goodies?

Eric Peckham… One of my favourite tv programmes.

Pete Fairless… Bill wrote some great pop songs!

Pete Prescott… I watched it every week but felt they were somehow getting away with it. I found them a bit naff (I haven’t used that expression for years. we’ll since watching them. ) like Python some of it was embarrassing crap to me. But there was one scene about any umbrella that for me was brilliant. One of them lived near Sittingbourne.

Lucy Pappas… The Goodies and film crew stayed with us at the Fairlight Lodge in the early 70s, filming along the coast. I was completely in awe of them although they were ordinary and down to earth. I’m sure some people went to watch the filming x

Tony Ham… Kitten Kong, classic

Gerry Fortsch… I still like black pudding.

Tim Moose Bruce… Eckie thump

Gerry Fortsch… just think if it was about now they could clout people with a black pudding in a cage, it goes well with all the blood that is spilt in the octagon. They could call it Ultimate Eckie Thump.

Jeff Belton… Great TV viewing, not enough of that kind of TV shows that make you laugh.

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