Who remembers watching It Ain’t Half Hot Mum?

Eric Peckham…But, sarn’t major … SHUTUP!

Jeff Belton… I was very lucky back in the early 1980’s when a good friend of mine used to work for the BBC. One Sunday afternoon he gave me a tour around the centre. Saw where they filmed Top of the Pops, Sat/ Sun Grandstand met Des Lyman on set, walked around the Blue Peter garden, met Brian Murphy ( was in TV’s Robin’s Nest), the actor who was in this show you are showing Windsor Davies. Both really nice gentlemen, and finished the tour in the BBC bar where we met and had a couple of drinks with the actress Lorraine Chase. A great afternoon.

Terry Huggins… Didn’t that little bloke live locally?

Eric Harmer… Yes Don Estelle. Lived in Fairlight

Pauline Hillier… I can’t compete with Jeff but I did get a ticket to see them doing a live recording of one episode.

Pete Prescott… Watched it every week. Can still sing whispering grass (well bits of it) Its why I rarely wear shorts!

Chris Jolly… Sing Lofty Boy…

Keith Cowper… Loved that series especially Melvin Hayes. I worked with Windsor Davies in the 90s lovely man!!

Pete Prescott… everytime I wear shorts I think of Lofty. That’s why I only wear them in the garden (THAT’S why the neighbour was whistling it !)

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