Stallion -Martin Casson Agency promo photo – Rock-A-Nore Hastings 1975


Tich Turner, Phil Thornton, Roger Carey, Steve Demetri, Vic Bridger.

Promotion picture when they were signed to ‘Martin Casson Agency’.

Roger Carey… they asked us to wear suits for the promo photo.

Gaynor Duke… Tony Bridger

Glenn Piper… Anthony Victor Bridger hence the “Vic”

Andy Qunta… Can’t see exactly, but it looks like Tich might have been the only one who complied with that request!

Pete Prescott… Should I tell my Tich/skeleton story ?

Martyn Baker… Yes, of course you should Pete. I’m all ears!

Pete Prescott… Here goes. So it’s Sep 77 and I’m down in Hastings from north Kent where I live to audition for a band Steppin Out. It’s a Sunday afternoon. I go to a place in Silverhill called The Box. The audition seems to go well, I’m asked about my past. I mention that my last band made it to the final of the Melody Maker competition a few years previously. “Oh” says Tich “we were on that year too!” Just as I’m about to say “do you remember that complete tosser in the skeleton outfit that had everyone pissing themselves?” Tich says “you might remember me…I had a skeleton outfit on!” I was that close to never living in Hastings (and having no teeth !). I have to say that the time I spent in Steppin Out was an eye opener for me. An education. I wasn’t really up to the job. Tich was (and No doubt still is) a fantastic front man. I liked his singing. I couldn’t think why they wanted another singer. I had never sung harmonies and was bloody useless at those. I was very static on stage in those days. Pretty redundant. Rich also wrote sing great songs with Roger Hubbard who was the guitarist. It was an amazing band. Tich should have been successful. Wearing that skeleton outfit was something I would never have done. I didn’t have the balls. He did. Singers like Peter Gabriel or David Bowie wore make up and costumes and stunned people. I realised then that that could never be me. So hats off to the skeleton outfit !



Split Image – promo photo 1983

Supplied by Dave Miller

Steve Watson, Steve Russell, Dave Miller, Tony Dufton and Mick Kemp

Andre Martin… Gosh that brings back memories.

Mark Harris… where am i?

Dave Nattress… Great to see some old mates again! I didn’t know Steve Russell or Dave Miller, but Mick Kemp was our drummer in Damaris and drummed in Boulder also at the time, Steve Watson, (Loggerhead) but then in The Charts with Andy Leaney, (RIP old friend), Mick Bridgland and myself. We had Tony Dufton play with us a few times – he had a brand new Les Paul Custom at one time and maybe a re-issue Gold Top – memory’s a bit shaky, but he didn’t stay with us. Then we had Lee Sulsh come in with Andy giving us 2 guitars but Andy left, (can’t recall why – moving on to bigger things I think, as there was no fall-out between us all), leaving Lee, Mick Bridgland, Steve Watson and me. We did some good demo’s at Tony Bird’s Wing Studio in Ninfield and Steve Watson’s bass was well up in the mix and Lee could certainly handle lead guitar – Yamaha SG2000 I think. Lee did a great solo on “Since you went away” – our attempt at power-pop. Eventually we went on Hiatus and never got back together! Anyone have contact details for Steve Watson. Mick Kemp and Tony Dufton?

Mark Harris… Tony very sadly passed away many years ago.

Dave Weeks… Tony Dufton. Another one taken far too early.

Dave Nattress… Thanks Mark for confirming, I had actually heard something like this a long time ago, but was unsure if it was true. I first knew Tony when he worked in Hollingsworths, Ford Dealers, Bexhill, a very long time ago.

Mark Harris… He certainly did, loved his mk 3 Cortina!!

Terry Pack… I’m sorry to read this. Tony was a very nice man.