Felix, Samisen & This Side Up – The Carlisle Hotel 3rd Oct 1975

felix 1975

felix 1975 ad

supplied by Roger Carey

Felix press cutting … Wesley Magoogan, Roger Carey, Den Wootton, Will Thomson and Mike Tanner.

Wesley Magoogan… Amazing looking at the past ! Hard to believe this was 40 years ago, seems like yesterday !

Martin Curcher… Is that Mike Tanner on the right?

Liane Carroll… Fab picture. My hubby looks sooooo cute!!!

Yvonne Cleland… Remember this night well! xxx

Remember having long hair?

source: The College Of Rock and Roll Knowledge Facebook page.

Suggested post by Pete Fisher

Pete Fisher… this reminded me of my days at Hastings Grammar School (1966-73)…

Terry Huggins… I was banned from the sweet shop for having long hair and from the post office for having a black girlfriend.

Jim Breeds… No wonder you never posted any sweets to me!

Mick O’Dowd… When I was at Grammar School, the Head (Mr Henshall) came up behind me and said”Am I hurting you boy?” “No sir” says I “I should be i’m standing on your hair!” I went home and had a “crew cut”. He didn’t speak to me for weeks. My time 1961-65 so ha “Spider” Hyder as well!

Chris Meachen… I was a frequent victim of ‘chick’ henshall’s anti-hair policy, was once sent home to shave as well.. I’ve made up for it since….

Phil Gill… I was told by Sporty Bourne that he wouldn’t let me do games afternoons until I had a haircut, because it was in my eyes and dangerous. I didn’t want to do either games or have a haircut, so….result!

Tony Davis… Chick didn’t like the fact that i used to have a Beatles fringe (alright stop laughing) and said I looked like a girl. My time there was 1964 to 1968

Angela France Gardner… I remember my mother saying that you couldn’t tell who was a boy and who was a girl because of their long hair!

Martyn Baker… Myself, Chris Wood and Nick Ali were forced to wear hair-nets in metalwork classes, after Chris got his hair caught in the drilling machine. Ouch!

Chris Wood… I remember it well…. we all go sent to George who insisted that we all had a haircut….. except me, because as a result of the drill machine incident, I had a bald patch which I needed to cover up. I also remember Nick turning up in a granny style sequined hair net just to piss them off. Good days.

Pete Fisher… I remember people being quite ingenious in trying to slip under the Henshall radar…tucking their hair under the back of their collar, and wrapping it behind their ears, which resulted in a lot of helmet hairstyles…he got on my case pretty seriously and pulled me aside after I had actually had a haircut one morning and told me to get it cut again (while telling me I shouldn’t be wasting my time playing in a “decadent beat group”)…told my Dad, who went up to the school and had a word with him, and he left me alone after that…

Paul Sleet… I got sent to Court Hughes hairdressers in Queens Road by Henshaw the week after I had had a haircut. He paid for it, and my mother refused to pay him back! They did slaughter your hair, that’s for sure.

Chris Meachen…  I remember they had an instruction that anyone turning up in school uniform got short back & sides, no matter what they asked for…

Alan Esdaile… Had to have short back and sides at school, cut by Wally’s Hairdressers in St George’s Road. Once I left school determined to grow it as long as possible. The neighbourhood kids thought I was Catweazel. I remember when I worked in Stylus, the boss was always complaining my hair was too long and got his wife to cut it.

Lyn Humphrey… I can remember when I HAD hair!

Dave Nattress… Long hair – seriously guilty. After leaving school I just grew it and grew it, weekend hippie as I became. It was way past shoulder length eventually, fuzzy sideburns too, big Gold earring. Just to cap it off, the old Levi 501’s were split down the side-seams and had a piece of Green corduroy put in to make them flared – no flares of boot-cuts in those days!! I have some photo’s but they are so hideous – best one (or most hideous) was put on the fire-place many years ago to frighten the kids off from going too close to the fire – Yes an old, old gag, and not one of mine, but it works – just. I still have the old passport and photo from 46 years ago when I was 18, absolutely horrendous. I most certainly looked like a complete prat – first class!! Lynn, it was indeed nice to have hair, like you, I remember it well.


Nashville Teens – The Witch Doctor 17th July 1964.

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all cuttings Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

Andre Martin…..OK Mick – time to wallow in memories – from the Hastings Observer July 1964

Mick Knights….I was there, a innocent 15 year old!!! The first steps I ever took on a dance floor were there, the tune was Pretty Woman and the young lady didn’t hang around for a second one!!!!

Andre Martin… For those of you who follow The History of The Happy Ballroom – Hastings Pier on “Bands we’ve seen on Hastings Pier “you will know that we have moved to the start of a period of change and great competition, and I could not let this week go, without posting something of what was going to happen – The arrival of The Witch Doctor. I do not intent to write a weekly blog of who, what, where and when – but this was the weekend -17th/18th July 1964, FIFTY YEARS AGO. These had been some simple trails posted in the Hastings & St Leonards Observer, but I don’t think that many people had any idea of exactly what the Witch Doctor was going to be. We were soon to find out – in simple terms it was very difference to what we had experienced in the past in Hastings & St Leonards, it brought the entertainment potential right bang up to date. The ownership of the club can be traced back to Manchester and the Chain of nightclubs called Mr Smiths, these were expanding into the South and in particular around London, operating under the name of The Witch Doctor, and for whatever reason, we end up with one in St Leonards, in Marine Court, above the Dolphin Ballroom. The Opening night featured The Nashville Teens as Top of the Bill, but what was to make even more publicity, that went national the next day, was the story of a young lady from Hastings, the daughter of a well know lawyer who ended up in London with the lead vocalist from the group and being returned home by the Metropolitan Police – have withheld the names and the file is sealed. If the readers want to find out more, I will leave that to you. With this new venue in place the entertainment scene in the area would change quite dramatically and we would become all part of this change, leaving us to this day with memories both good and bad, happy and sad.Above are a few images from the local newspaper from all those years ago, I apologise that some of the images are poor – but this was 50 years ago, and the quality of newsprint in those days, does not survive well.

Peter Fairless… Was it open long enough, with enough visiting acts, to sustain it’s own group? What do people think?

Andre Martin…The Witch Doctor 17 July 1964 – 7 October 1967 – it was closed for refurbishment and Opened as the Cobweb till Dec 1970. Lots of visiting acts, etc small compared to the Pier, maximum around about 450 [ slightly more when using the Bob Knights method counting attenders !

Peter Fairless… Is the space still there, Andre?

Andre Martin… Converted back to offices in the 1970s, when the club was moved in name to the old town and re opened as the Aquarius – the site in Marine was badly damaged on NYE 70 with a bad fire.

Terry Wallis… I think I saw Nashville Teens and may have been opening night? Mind you I would have only been 15 then, perhaps I dreamed I went! 😀

Alan Esdaile… interesting they are advertising a band 4 plus 1, is this the same as unit 4 plus 2 which one less musician?

Steve Maxted… what a gem, to see a billing of the opening night of the Witchdoctor. Andre has a wealth of information, well done.

Ronald Burgoyne… I was there.